SDK Hack day: what to expect

In just over a week the Jetpack project will be hosting an SDK hack day in Mountain View. I’ve decided to keep the event’s format as flexible as possible so as to make sure we can accommodate various levels of experience:

  1. If you’re a web developer curious about branching out and hacking the browser, we can show you the basics.
  2. If you’re more familiar with traditional Firefox extensions, we can answer questions about the differences between those techniques and the SDK’s approach, and show you how to leverage your existing knowledge.
  3. If you’ve already used the SDK and have questions or suggestions for improvement, we’d love to chat about the future of the SDK and how to contribute and extend the existing apis.

To make sure you get the most out of the day, please make sure you bring a wifi-capable laptop ( and power adapter! ). It would also help to do the following:

  • Register for an account on AMO; you’ll need this in order to use the online builder.
  • If you haven’t already, install the SDK on your laptop and run through the tutorial. You might also want to watch this screencast.

So what are we going to do all day? My rough plan is:

09:00AM: Included Breakfast! & Coffee!
09:30AM: Opening remarks & Lightning talk sign-up
10:00AM: Lightning talks
12:00PM: Included Lunch & project idea proposals
01:00PM: Project hacking
05:00PM: wind-down, beer, project review and dinner proposals
06:00PM: optional dinner & drinks somewhere nearby!

This is a proposal; in the spirit of this being a hack day participants are encouraged to hack the schedule.