Are add-ons keeping you on Firefox 3.6?

Since we implemented Add-ons Default to Compatible, most add-ons that were updated to work on Firefox 4 continue to work on the latest releases. The add-on compatibility problems we’ve had ever since have been minimal.

However, there are still a number of popular add-ons that weren’t updated for the switch to Firefox 4. People who still have these add-ons installed may be skipping Firefox updates because their add-ons are not compatible yet, and probably never will be. As we make a stronger push to move users away from old and potentially insecure Firefox versions, we need to make sure they don’t lose the add-ons they love.

Luckily, we have an amazing add-on developer community, where no abandoned add-on goes unforked. I spent a great deal of time looking for the most popular add-ons still in use on 3.6 and lower, as well as their best alternatives. Here they are.

  • Mr Tech Toolkit. I tried to get in touch with the developers to no avail. They have an updated version available on their site. I normally wouldn’t recommend non-AMO add-ons, but I reviewed the current file (toolkit.xpi, version  and everything looks good, except for a few features that appear to be broken. If you use this add-on, I’d like to hear which of its features you use.
  • Snap Links.  Compatible alternative: Snap Links Plus.
  • Gmail Notifier. Compatible alternatives: WebMail Notifier, GMail Checker.
  • RapidShare DownloadHelper. Compatible alternative: Rapidshare Helper. This add-on hasn’t received full approval, but it doesn’t appear to have any major problems.
  • Bahasa Indonesia (ID) Language Pack, Estonian Language Pack. You can download the latest Firefox already translated to this language (and many more!) from the International Versions page. Just install it over your current Firefox install and you won’t lose any bookmarks or data.
  • 1-Click YouTube Video Download, YouTube Download, Flash Video Resources Downloader. We have many YouTube downloaders listed on AMO, and I specially recommend Video DownloadHelper.
  • MinimizeToTray Plus. Compatible alternative: MinimizeToTray Revived.
  • Update Notifier. Compatible alternative: Add-on Update Checker.
  • Full Fullscreen. Modern versions of Firefox already hide toolbars in a similar way. There are some kiosk applications listed on AMO, though we normally don’t allow them to get full review.
  • Noia 2.0 (eXtreme). Compatible alternative: Noia 4.
  • PDF Plugin for Firefox on Mac OS X. Compatible alternative: PDF Viewer, a.k.a pdf.js, created by Mozilla Labs and possibly coming soon as part of Firefox.
  • CacheViewer. Compatible alternative: CacheViewer Continued.
  • CustomizeGoogle. I couldn’t find an exact match, but you should try Google Minimalist and SearchTweaker. There are many more, of course.
  • Ad blocker. Compatible alternative: Updated Ad Blocker. And the always popular AdBlock Plus.
  • CuteMenus – Crystal SVG. Compatible alternative: Menu Icons Plus.
  • Mouse Gestures Redox. Compatible alternatives: All-in-One Gestures and FireGestures.
  • 1-ClickWeather, Forecastbar Enhanced, WeatherBug. Compatible alternative: Forecastfox Weather.
  • Easy DragToGo. Compatible alternative: DragIt.
  • Organize Status Bar. Since the status bar was replaced with the Add-on Bar in recent versions or Firefox, you can reorganize all of your buttons and toolbars in one place. This extension isn’t necessary anymore.
  • Chromifox Basic. Compatible alternative: FXChrome.
  • Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser). The add-on was forked by the developer into the new Fox Splitter. You should uninstall the old version and install this new one.
  • Splash. This add-on displays a splash window before Firefox loads. Understandably, there are no known alternatives. Why would you want to slow down Firefox load time for this? I’d love to know…
  • Smart Bookmarks Bar. Compatible alternatives: Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar and Smartest Bookmarks Bar.
  • SQLite Optimizer. This add-on is generally unnecessary. The largest local DB in your profile is usually the Places DB, and that one is vacuumed when necessary. Other add-ons that handle very active DBs should do the same.
  • Clipmarks. Compatible alternative: Evernote Web Clipper.
  • Auto Shutdown. Compatible alternative: Auto Shutdown NG.
  • AnyColor. The very new Colorlicious covers its most important features. We also recommend giving Background Themes (Personas) a try.
  • Print Preview. Compatible alternative: Print Preview (Update).

I’d like to thank the developers of FireDownload, IE Tab and The Browser Highlighter for upgrading their add-ons between the time this list was compiled and the publication of this blog post.

Are there any other add-ons holding you back on Firefox 3.6 or older? Do you have other recommendations for alternatives? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jaz wrote on :

    fireshot please!

  2. Jim wrote on :

    Wanted to offer feedback on the fact that I can’t update Firefox 3.6.2 or Adobe Flash on OS 10.4.11, on a PPC G5 and a G4. No more streaming video, time for the wastebin… but wait! Safari, which I used think was a distant second to Firefox offers HTML5, and now videos play just fine. Is HTML5 available on Firefox 3.6.2? No!

    Guess I’ll leave Firefox after many years and start using my OS 10.4.11 Safari, which allows my perfectly fast G5 and G4 to use DSL streaming video again

    Here’s the best part. When I went to Firefox “feedback” site to offer this advice, I got the message “Oh! So, you want to offer us feedback on Firefox. Thank you, but you’ll need to be on the latest version!”

    Oh, the irony!

    July 17th, 2012 · Reply

    1. Atrax wrote on :

      Had the same problem and went to Chrome. Downloaded the Firefox Beta 4 which now accepts the Flash player 7.2 download and voila, everything seems to work.

  3. yuri wrote on :

    I use Ffox for creating web-sites/pages/whatever

    In the old version of FF Web developer allowed me to see the source — not only generated, but to edit a page in the editor (e g notepad++ or FrontPage or any other editor) by MY choice. It is really convenient — but starting probably from ver. 3 when you choose “view source” you simply see nothing. The list of all addons warned me that Web developed was not still ready for new ver of FF, thus I still use FF 2.0!!!

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      The Web Developer add-on is compatible with all Firefox releases.

      1. Julian wrote on :

        Hi Jorge,

        I was downloading WinRar and with it came this FLV Community toolbar that I really downloaded by accident, which has completely frozen my Firefox. It is now completely nonfunctional. Even when I deleted my version and installed another one, the toolbar was still there! How can I delete this toolbar that is corrupting everything?

        1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

          Hello Julian,

          You can find help getting rid of that toolbar in this support article. Let me know if you continue to have problems with it.

  4. Charles D. Quigley wrote on :

    Feel free to refer me to anyone who might be more appropriate for this comment. Network Solutions claims their ‘Internet cafe’ website builder works best with Firefox version 3.6 or 4. and not with newer versions. I could not find anywhere to download version four. Version 3.6 language choice download page gives a ‘Not Found’ message. They obviously want to sell me an upgrade. I was planning to buy several of their products but am hesitant when their introduction to their work has been hours and hours of run-around. I would like to get past this latest road block on my website. What is the best way to find and download version 4 or at least version 3.6?

    Thanks for your time,

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      All past Firefox releases can be downloaded from the Mozilla FTP.

  5. Mats Svensson wrote on :

    A tip, to make migration a bit less sucky:

    I have been hunting down hacks to turn off as many as possible of the UI-animations that for some reason has been added gradually in newer FF versions.

    I have to say it makes a HUGE difference in the user experience getting rid of all that lag in the UI.

    Why the hell are you people making Firefox S…LL… ….OOOO…W…. … ..EEE…R on purpose?

    I suppose it must a generation-thing.

    No one that was alive in te 80s, 90’s etc, and had to endure sitting cursing and waiting for slow UIs daily, would be caught dead adding code to make things go slower.

    But younger developers seem to think is so F cool to make things look like in old movies, where you could see each letter being drawn one by one on the monitor etc.

  6. Gabriele wrote on :

    Hi, I wonder when the Norton toolbar will be available. Sadly, I often have to revert to IE, which I hate, to do research, as there are no safe icons for websites any more. The same goes for the Google toolbar.
    Thanks for your response.

    1. JohnS0603 wrote on :

      I hate being without Norton Toolbar, and particularly Norton Identity Safe. If I had had any inkling that agreeing to be in your beta-versions installation program or whatever you call it meant that these vital tools would no longer work, I would never have agreed to the program.
      I want my Norton Identity Safe and Norton Toolbar back.

      1. Brian Bate wrote on :

        You have done it again leaving off Norton Toolbar. Why oh why do you do this. It is so annoying. I will have to give up using Firefox as I need Identity safe etc from Norton.

        Please do not upgrade Firefox without making Norton Toolbar available. You will lose many more people if you do not change your policy. Do you own another antivirus company by any chance. What have you got against Norton users?

        So bye bye Firefox.

  7. Susan wrote on :

    I do not WANT your updates as you are disabling safety features in my browsers!

  8. Carole wrote on :

    when will red cats add-on be compatible with Firefox 14.0.1

  9. Glenn wrote on :

    I love my Roboform and will NOT change from it. I will however change brousers if you cant seem to include this with your update. Your brouser is not the only one -or nessessarly the best one either. I know I miss-spelled some words here. But you get my drift.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      We do have Roboform on our gallery. I think there are 2 Roboform editions, the one I linked to and a Pro version offered on their site.

      1. Ann Fennell wrote on :

        After promising that (Roboform v3) ALL future updates and upgrades would be permanently free (which was true until v7), then instead of grandfathering those to whom it made this promise, RF decided to turn the promise into a lie and charge them also. Then Firefox blocked the last free upgrade of Roboform ( from working with Firefox updates after 3.6, apparently in an attempt to help Roboform force it’s customers to upgrade. While I don’t mind paying for good software (I was a programmer before retiring), I will not REWARD dishonesty (nor do I respond well to attempted force), so I will not be paying Roboform any more money. This means I’m stuck on Firefox 3.6, unless Firefox fixes their new versions to unblock the last free Roboform upgrade ( (or I change password filler and browser). I’m not the only one – there are many of us who were suckered by Roboform’s dishonesty. I assume that FF will be glad to fix FF to allow Roboform 3.6 to work again – unless of course they are in cahoots with Roboform and it would violate their (unethical) “deal” – whatever that may be.

  10. Cindy Pyie wrote on :

    What ever happened to Andy Halfords ‘SearchPlaces’ & ‘SortPlaces’ addons??

    I can not find any other addon that does sorting of bookmarks in FF10,11,12,13,14, etc!!

    They both were fantastic at doing what needs to be done to bookmarks!!



    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      The add-ons were taken down by the developer, so they’re no longer available.

  11. starman wrote on :

    I have the latest fire fox 14.01 but i get a message that has taken up the lower 1/4 of my browser screen that says “A plugin is needed to display this content” I have tried everything to find what the plugin is and still can not get full browser screen can someone help with this?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      You probably need to update your Flash player plugin. Go to the plugin check page and update your plugins.

  12. gk wrote on :

    For a long time, Firefox has been my main work-horse. I have literally hundreds of bookmarks I collected for my job.. With the recent update, I cannot watch video clips anymore. Now, I need to copy their url’s and transfer them to Internet Explorer, where they do run. This is very frustrating. Unless Firefox is updated to fix this. I may have to switch all my work to Internet Explorer. I sure would hate to do so.

    Please advise.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      It sounds like you’re having Flash problems. Please read this support article for more information and possible solutions.

  13. Beth wrote on :

    Not very happy with Firefox these days, it is not compatible with my AVG2012 security software. I have restrained from up-dating to the 12.0 version as well as the one I am on now. for that reason My son, on accident, hit the update button and am now stuck with this version. Bad think is, I can not find a link to do back to version that works for a system.

    Anyone have ideas?

    1. Ann Fennell wrote on :

      I keep at least the last five of each of my older version install files. Maybe one your friends does also and could help you out. To prevent this in the future (besides retaining older versions of critical software), drive imaging is the most important safety measure you can have for your computer. I use Acronis True Image, but there are also free solutions, such as EaseUs (Acronis is much faster). You can image your entire system drive to a file and keep it as long as you want, and restore it at any time. It helps if your documents and email store, etc. are on a different partition, so your C: drive images will be as small as possible and your documents and email store will not be affected by a restoration to, say last year when the PC was new. I keep a Wordpad journal of changes I make (installs, settings, etc.) that would affect drive C:, so I can perform a restore and then follow my script to bring it right back up to today (without whatever made me do the restore). With drive imaging, for instance, you can go back to BEFORE malware got into your PC, with no inconsistencies on your C drive (i.e. registry not matching installed programs for instance). You can remove all the half-baked “restore” stuff from your machine, you don’t need it anymore when you drive image – it will fix ANYTHING wrong on your C: drive, besides hardware failure.

  14. Art wrote on :

    Like many of the commenters here, I have a pair of older systems. My desktop and laptop are about even in terms of performance levels. I run FF8 on the desktop and FF3.6.2 on the laptop and use pretty much the same add-ons and extensions with both (only difference is Ad-Blocker Plus since it won’t let me update it anymore on the laptop (incompatibility issues)). Love my 3.6 version, HATE!!! the 8.0 version. 3.6 runs along fat dumb and happy, making me happy. Version 8.0, serious resource hog. After browsing websites for about 3 hours, I have to shut down FF or risk a lock-up or crash. Once that browser grabs memory it just starts eating it up until I don’t have anymore memory to give it at which point it locks up solid and not just the browser but the whole computer. Now for some reason all my add-on buttons on the top of my version 3.6 FF have disappeared and they aren’t even in my set of buttons to customize my tool-bar. Have tried re-instaling the add-ons with no luck, next step is to re-install FF. Thanks to someone earlier posting locations for I’ll be able to get a good browser back.

    It took Mozilla a bit over 5 years to get from ver1.0 to ver3.6, a consistently good solid program. The trip from ver4.0 to ver14 (the current one) has taken less than 2½ years and from what I’m seeing here and from personal experience is a pile of kludge. How about going back to putting out a quality product at a slower pace plan, rather then the crappy product that “We’ll fix on the next update” kind of plan?

    1. Ann Fennell wrote on :

      I have a similar problem. FF 3.6.2 suddenly dropped several icons from the toolbar (Favorites, Print, Add Window, and Display Recent Pages Viewed). I add them back onto the bar and they are gone again when I restart FF. I’m wondering if one of the add-on updates, such as noscript, may have done something detrimental to the taskbar – it doesn’t remember it’s last configuration any more. I may have to re-install FF 3.6.2 and stop updating the add-ons (like I have done with Roboform, when they started charging old customers that they had promised permanently free updates AND UPGRADES).

  15. Susan Smith wrote on :

    This is a catch 22 situation, because I won’t know which add-ons I’ll lose (I don’t have any on this list) until I’ve already lost them by completing the upgrade, apparently. I’m considering just switching to Chrome instead.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      If you’re considering switching anyway, why don’t you just try upgrading? It’s specially odd that you feel you can’t lose those add-ons and you would switch to Chrome, where they might not even exist at all.

      If you can tell me which add-ons you have installed, I can check for you.

  16. cmoore wrote on :

    Hope someone can help with this… I’m still using ff3.6 simply because I like the way it’s set up.
    1) If I upgrade, can I make it look identical to the way it is now?
    2) I have about 20 add-ons I need to keep using.
    3) The only reason I’m considering upgrading is because Xmarks has stopped working, so I’d like to try ff sync.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      > 1) If I upgrade, can I make it look identical to the way it is now?

      Probably not. There are some themes that make Firefox look like old versions, but I don’t think they’re being actively maintained. This blog post might help.

      > 2) I have about 20 add-ons I need to keep using.

      Which add-ons?

  17. Page wrote on :

    Since this so-called Upgrade I can’t view any YouTube videos – I keep getting “an error has occurred please try again later. I have all cookies enabled. Help!

  18. Lorraine Ferringo wrote on :

    Well, I posted a comment several days ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet, so I don’t know whether it’s lost in cyberspace or was deleted for some reason, so I guess I’ll try again.

    I have tried to update FF a few times, but each time some add ons that I use regularly stop working. The one that matters most is Stylish>Check marking visited links (with custom color). I have searched several times and can’t find an equivalent add on, or I would have updated. I really don’t like getting everything working the way I want/need for it to work, and having FF “update” and “fix” things so that what was working, no longer does.

    I also hate that buttons that I use often get moved or changed so that it is a whole new learning experience to continue using FF. If FF is going to make using an update the equivalent of learning a new browser, I might as well change browsers. This is something I resent about the updates, my browser changes from what I am used to and I have to get used to a whole new system. Maybe I should look around and see what other browsers have to offer, if I have to start from square one anyway.

    1. Lorraine Ferringo wrote on :

      Well, yesterday FF crashed and when I restarted it, it updated itself. And, of course, my add ons: Stylish>Check Marking Visited Links (with custom color) [ ] and Stylish> Dragcave: no pretentious ad [ ] both were marked “compatible” but both stopped working. So I updated all my plug ins, restarted my computer, restarted FF and tried again. Still not working. So I once again reinstalled FF 3.6.25. Somehow, doing all that I then lost NoScript, Stylish>Check Marking Visited Links (with custom color) and Stylish> Dragcave: no pretentious ad. I reinstalled those three and now though all three of them are marked “Not compatible with FF 3.6.25”, they are all working again. I guess when FF 3.6.25 stops working, I will have to find another browser since I can’t update FF.

  19. Ann Fennell wrote on :

    When I purchased Roboform 3.0, they clearly promised that I would receive ALL future updates AND UPGRADES with no additional charge. Until version 7 this was the case, but instead of grandfathering in those customers to whom they had made this promise, the turned the promise into a lie and ignored it. For this reason, I will NOT pay again to upgrade Roboform – I will NOT reward someone for lying to me. Therefore, since Firefox has blocked the version of Roboform ( that I use from working with any version of Firefox after 3.6.22, then 3.6.22 is what I’m using. I don’t appreciate Firefox doing this. If I have to eventually change password fillers (I don’t mind buying one, I just mind rewarding a company that is dishonest with me), I will also check out other browsers. I don’t respect companies that get in cahoots with each other, like Firefox and Roboform apparently did, to try to pick their customers’ pockets. I think that is a dishonest way to conduct business. A software vendor should attract customers honestly, not by deceit or attempted force.

    When XP SP2 no longer fills my needs, I will be switching to Linux anyway for similar reasons; Microsoft’s Operating Systems beyond XP SP2 are essentially spyware/controlware masquerading as an Operating System. “Trusted Computing” my foot! Not for the users! I don’t like being manipulated by unethical vendors, so I turn elsewhere.

    I build my own machines so I’m not “locked in” to HP or Dell, etc. A Dell I once had needed a fan – A FAN! but it had to have a “DELL” fan that included an expensive, unnecessary casing – sold as a unit. Dell had designed their case so that stock fans wouldn’t fit. Next I purchased an HP that burned up (blew capacitors on the mobo) because HP had not put ONE SINGLE CASE FAN in the thing! They also installed installed a pile of crapware, using up MY disk space that I paid for and admitted they sold MY disk space to make extra money on my PC. It took me 3 months to get the drivers for the motherboard so I could make my own clean installation – HP did their best to be unhelpful. I was a programmer before I retired, and knew little about hardware, but I learned – in self-defense – so I could build my own machines. Fool me once….

    I’m not alone in this; I know others who are not upgrading for the same reason. How about unblocking the new Firefox versions so that Roboform will continue to work as it used to? Then we can continue to upgrade Firefox.

    Ann Fennell

    1. ACanna wrote on :

      First, I would like to thank Ann Fennell for the good advice and tips. I normally do not post to forums or blogs though I do read them from time to time, but thanks to Mrs. Fennell, and her passion for FF, I feel compelled to weigh in on this topic.

      I must agree with the last few comments completely.

      1- I do not like it when I have to relearn how to operate my browser every time a new version comes out, let alone have to replace so many trusted add-ons. It does not make sense to keep redesigning an interface that is successful and liked by so many. Some changes are understandable and needed.

      I have 3 computers, an ancient desktop, a laptop, and a notebook (By chance both portables are from the two companies mentioned in Mrs.Fennell’s post). All three run separate versions of FF. The newest computer runs the newest version along with chrome, my lap top is a few versions back and has the newest version of chrome, and my Ol’ Beater runs the version we are discussing. Anywho, I would have installed the version being discussed on all of them, and still might try too, because I like the layout that much. Apparently, from what I have read, I am not the only user that feels this way.

      This leads me to a question; Why with all the customization that that can be done to the newer versions of FF, which in theory makes them easier to use and more appealing, wasn’t the option to have them look like an older and very popular (or we would not be having this discussion) version added or even talked about?

      2- I rely on some security add-ons that were not instantly made available for the newer versions, so by the time they were compatible I just didn’t care. It seems to me that all of a sudden after each update less and less of these add-ons would work. This makes me lean towards believing the comment that FireFox and other companies might be….Uhmmm??… You know. I do not like to think that a company, or “foundation” that I “BELIEVE” in would do such things.

      So just maybe some sort of grace period should have been given to the authors of these “non-compatible” add-ons before the release of the version that could disabled them by updates, or some sort of input generated from the many, many, many users of FireFox. I hope a lesson has been learned and you engineers / programmers will work more with us everyday users of FireFox before releasing such drastic changes. Not everyone can help beta test new versions, so these users should be sought out for ease of use and other comments. We might not be able to to test but our comments if sought could spark a great idea for an engineer or programmer.

      3- I like firefox so much that instead of uninstalling it and switching to another browser, I downloaded chrome and use it for certain surfing needs, like shopping, I use firefox, only 3.6 and not any of the newer versions, for the rest of my time here in cyber space. I will totally dump Modzilla if I am forced to update and loose this older version I like, enjoy, trust, and use so much, unless a version that operates and looks like 3.6, as well as doesn’t require me to search out so many different or compatible add-ons to replace the ones I have come to trust is not made available.

      Respectfully, ACanna

  20. GORDON wrote on :


  21. Gina wrote on :

    I have had my red cats green flavor for as long as I have used Firefox, which is about two, maybe more years now, and every time there’s an update, I have to lose them or not update. My choice has always been not to update until I could take my cats with me. This time, I went ahead to 14, thinking my cats would come with me, because there was no mention of losing my cats until it was installed. What good is that? Now I have to try to go back. I love my Firefox and won’t give it up, but I love my cats too. I’m sure it’s more complicated than anyone thinks, but I don’t understand why there are still compatibility issues in today’s world of computing.

  22. Milan wrote on :

    I am missing the possibility to run Free Download Manager under any higher version of Firefox.
    I often have to download files exceeding 300 MB and without the FDM it takes ages and often the link brakes down. FDM is downloading in several segments at the time which speeds up the procedure enormously.
    Will the higher version of Firefox support the FDM aytime in the future?

  23. fa wrote on :

    still on FF3.6.older version as one add-on still works on it and am unable to move away from it. Profile manager and synchroniser. Let’s me have various setups (Profiles) for FF so I can say download say sports related sites or news related sites or tech related sites on startup with each being a profile.
    Having this feature built into FF as standard or a compatible add-on for newer versions would be great.
    Until then stuck on FF3.6.older.
    Still, prefer FF to IE though.

  24. B0b wrote on :

    In a word, yes

    Not moving to 4 to 12 to 13 to 14 to whatever hyper inflated version number UNTIL the add ons catch up
    speed dial et a

  25. Gina wrote on :

    How nice to see someone else as attached to the red cats as I am. I’m not going anywhere until I can take them with me. Let’s hear from all the faithful cat lovers out there. If there’s enough of us, maybe someone will work on it. I know it can be done because it has been done many times, but there might not be enough stubborn holdouts this time. The other problem is that if it does become compatible, how will we know? Red Cat Lovers Unite!!! Tell the man, “hell no, we won’t go” without our cats!!!!

    1. Ben wrote on :

      Here’s a direct link to a compatible version:
      Here’s the developer’s official post:

  26. Someone wrote on :

    I am Still using 3.6 because it Rocks! Ad block plus Rules ( Not so much in the new version ) Anycolor is also awesome! I use it too modify persona’s. Change text color size ect! I checked out the ‘recommended’ & well, that’s just NOT going too work! If there isn’t going too be a compatible version for the newer versions of FF, I’ll stick with 3.6! If FF makes it so 3.6 stops working, I’ll just use a Different web browser, like chrome! As a Company, Firefox is making a huge mistake, Not Making all add-ons available for newer versions of FF! I have my browser set up how I like it, & when I do a FF Update, it should Stay the Way I have it set up! I shouldn’t even have too worry about it disabling any of my add-ons!

  27. alexandar yanakiev wrote on :

    i quit long ago with 3.6 i don’t care so mutch about addons because i dont use them 🙂
    only in newest versions i don’t like that there is no option like it was in 3.6 for example if you browse in some forum and there is someone with gif image that you dont like you can block it with option on right click on mouse. in newest versions this option is missing

  28. Frederick Brown wrote on :

    You don’t support roboform’s old version? I won’t use the new version of fire fox, it’s that simple. I paid money for roboform and I’m tired of paying every year for new software to work with firefox.

  29. Oliver wrote on :

    I don’t know if this is the right place to comment on this, but I haven’t found a better place. It’s not the add-ons that are the problem, it’s that anything after Firefox 4 is insanely slow on dial-up. I know the risks of using outdated software, but if the old software was four times faster, wouldn’t you use it too? To put it in perspective, a webpage that would take two minutes to load in 3.6 now takes eight minutes to load, if it loads at all.

    For reference, I have tried Opera. The turbo works great when it works, but times out far too often.

    It looks like the future versions of Firefox are planned to get more and more bloated. I would like to either see a full version for fast connections and a light version for slow connection, or a light mobile version that would also work on PC’s.

  30. reggie wrote on :

    when I open firefox the tabs freeze.

  31. bob gillis wrote on :

    Since Ver 11 FF tells me that AVG Safe Search is not compatible with FF. I finally upgraded to 14.0.1 Is there any function in FF that is equivalent to AVG Safe Search? Is Mozilla working with AVG to get the Safe Search compatible?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      There should be a compatible version of AVG Safe Search. Have you looked on the AVG website?

  32. Huong Nguyen wrote on :


    1/ For many years I have been using addon video downloadhelper to download youtube, and I find it amazing. and appreciate this very much
    Now since I update Firefox ( which is now version14.0) the addon video downloadhelper (version 4.9.9 ) is not working , the icon is animated when youtube video is playing but when I try to download the video, the download is not processing and it show 0 bite on the download screen. I try to reinstall but problem is not solved.

    If I want to go back to the old version of FF to get everything easier , how do I do

    2/ I try to get download helper support , but I get the message that Javascript must be enable on the browser, i do check on FF option content, it is enable.

    Could you please help me to solve these problems
    Thank you very much

  33. pat wrote on :

    Could someones PLEASE update the Add on ANYCOLOR–it was the best as I am sure many agree
    I am seriously thinking about returning to FireFox 3.6—-and no personnas just doesn’t compare.and doesn’t work well either–think its largely addware– thank you patricia

  34. drumbo wrote on :

    found this forum by accident, am retired and have made computing a hobby, 8 machines all networked, until this forum I thought I was the only person still using 3.6. Tried the newer ones both in virtual mode and sandboxed., Seems mainly junk. Half the time playing with my network, an upgrade causes an issue which can only be fixed by going to a backup. Good luck everyone

  35. BT wrote on :

    I tried to send this user feedback via the official user feedback system. Pressing the send button it told me the form would only accept 250 chars (this is some 2600 bytes). Do you really want feedback?

    These fast updates of major versions are really distracting. We want reliable software, not half-baked beta software. Don’t release mostly untested software before it is really mature. It may require months of testing, but you don’t need to hurry. This is not a marketing race, you do not have to compete for version numbers. There is no problem using two or three-digit minor version numbers. Major version numbers should be changed only when really major changes have been incorporated. Looking back, realistically we are at 4.x or 5.x right now, not 14.x. This is just fluff. Major changes means several years of substantial work, not updates every some weeks. Major version updates every some weeks make the software look unprofessionally maintained and developed.

    Users are frustrated to update the whole FireFox package so often (download costs, time required to check and sometimes correct setting, find workarounds for compatibility problems etc.) and many addons/plugins stop working after updates.

    Lots of people have already stopped using FireFox for this reason. Plugin/Addon authors are frustrated as well, as version number no longer reflect actual compatibility levels, and some of the most useful addons are no longer maintained for this reason (or you have to wait weeks before they will be updated to work with new versions of Firefox, and once you think you are fine again, the next version of Firefox arrives). This is total nuts.

    Another problem is the browser’s ever increasing memory consumption. I don’t see why a web-browser needs between 500 and 1500 MB to run in many real-world scenarios. Do programmers no longer learn how to develop efficient software in university today?

    One more thing: I don’t like the fact that you throw out compatibility with older operating system so soon, first with Windows 98 SE and now with Windows XP. I know alot of people who still use Windows 2000 and XP, and there are even quite some who use Windows 98 SE for very valid technical reasons (either because of security issues with newer version of Windows, missing DOS compatibility or missing driver support).
    Technically, there are no reasons, why you no longer support these older systems except for laziness in programming – most of the APIs FireFox uses are the same under all these systems (and FireFox is designed to be a multi-platform application anyway), so there is no technical reason not to support older systems. Those API which are different can be emulated or are not fundamentally necessary to be used in new FireFox releases in the first place. Be much more conservative, it is not “cool” at all to use a new API just because it exists (even if it offers a slight advantage for modern environments), in fact it is much cooler to develop a software, which just runs anywhere without adaptation, not only on the latest and “greatest” mainstream systems. In some cases, maintaining compatibility may cause slight performance drops, if not special-cased. However, who really cares, computers are more than fast enough today and this is only a web-browser, not a number cruncher. Long term compatibility and stability are much more important.

    All in all, the past two years with FireFox have become an increasingly frustrating experience, and most of my colleagues and friends have already switched to other browsers, or (like me now) at least have stopped updating. If this unprofessional attitude to product development continues, I will probably have to switch as well.

  36. its me wrote on :

    Why theres not bit comet add on supported,thats the only thing why am on 3.6.Any one know something about that?And no, dont want any other download manager.

  37. Monique Sharp wrote on :

    the g4 laptop I use for social networking/internet browsing has firefox all messed up. I’ve been using safari most of the time now. I don’t use a lot of add-ons but they’re not working right either. I’ve used Firefox for over five years but probably won’t switch to your new version — it’s too busy and bothersome. Keep a simple verson for those of us who don’t like a cluttered look and want the stuff we used the most supported. old dogs don’t like learning new tricks, I suppose.

  38. cee wrote on :

    I had not updated purposely because my favorite add/on was Trail Mix. I gave in and updated anyway and lost the ability to access Trail Mix and consequently lost two years of notes on articles for my dissertation. I rolled back to FF3.6.4 but Trail Mix still shows the message on the add/on page “not compatible with version 3.6.4.” I have tried the fix at about:config to turn off the compatibility check but that didn’t help, either. Does anyone know which version of FF is compatible with Trail Mix? In attempting to fix this problem I also used system restore hoping to return to a previous date when everything was working as it should. Little did I realize that somewhere along the line I also lost all of the data that was stored in my Microsoft One Note notebooks. I’m convinced that all of this material is on my computer somewhere but I don’t know the extensions for the data stored in Trail Mix or for One Note. My One Note application is “working” now but the pages are empty–like a new application that has never been used. The Trail Mix data would probably reload if I could only open the application. Please help.

  39. DonP wrote on :

    I only use a few add-ons, but they are graphic and video addons (Download Helper, DownThemAll, Save Images, etc.). Firefox has slowed down to the point of being almost unusable. I don’t know if it’s the version or the add-ons or what, but I have tried disabling most add-ons, and Firefox still runs slowly.

    It’s not always slow (but it’s never fast). But most of the time it is, or becomes slow rather suddenly after using it awhile. I can’t identify anything that causes it to be slow but it always happens. I mean slow. I can type in a few keys, and count to 100 or do something in another application and return to Firefox before they display on the screen.

    I don’t know if my add-ons have anything to do with it, but I have noticed it more and more with each new version of Firefox. I like Firefox (largely because of the graphics & video add-ons) and don’t want to change browsers, but I can’t use it the way it is running now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. DonP wrote on :

      I should add that when Firefox is acting like this, Anvir Task Manager and Process Lasso shows that Firefox is using far more memory and CPU time than any other application – typically 50 or 60% of CPU time, and 300 – 500+ Mb of memory, which is much more than any other application uses. Closing and restarting Firefox helps sometimes, but not always.

      1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

        Can you give us your full add-ons list so we can look into it?

        1. DonP wrote on :

          Thanks for your quick response, Jorge. These are the downloads that are currently enabled (I have others that are disabled):

          Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus 0.44
          Context Menu Image Saver 20111027
          Cool Previews 3.5
          DivX Plus Web Player HTML5
          Download Helper 4.9.9
          Down Them All! 2.0.13
          Image Host Grabber
          ImageZilla.Net Image Uploader 1.22.1
          Lazarus Form Recovery 2.3
          Save Images 0.7.9
          Search Image Everywhere 1.1
          Shotpix Upload 2.0.0


          1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

            None of those add-ons particularly stand out to me, though I find it unusual to have so many different image uploaders. My recommendation is that you disable some of them and then test Firefox for a while. If you still experience performance problems, try disabling the others instead. This should help you determine which add-on is the culprit.

        2. DonP wrote on :

          Thanks, Jorge, I’ll give it a try.

  40. Kyle wrote on :

    I need the norton toolbar add on.

  41. Marty S wrote on :

    Blackboard, including their latest release, 9.1! They state that Firefox 3.6 is certified and 3.5 is compatible. Thus, if a student has a problem the first thing that IT & Blackboard administrators, and Help Desk personnel will ask students is “Are you using Firefox 3.6?” If not, they will blame students if they have a Blackboard software issue. Well, you are now up to version 14! Please lean on Blackboard to get with it and modernize!

  42. Andronik wrote on :

    Please add term search.KudoZ toolbar,

  43. Andrews Linder wrote on :

    I have tried to update FF a few times, but each time some add ons that I use regularly stop working. The one that matters most is Stylish>Check marking visited links (with custom color). I have searched several times and can’t find an equivalent add on, or I would have updated. I really don’t like getting everything working the way I want/need for it to work, and having FF “update” and “fix” things so that what was working, no longer does.

  44. Marsha Hidrogo wrote on :

    Hey Jorge,

    Ever since I downloaded firefox14 I have not been able to use it. It is like FF is frozen. What do I do aobut this I had better luck with 3.0 and now I don’t have it so I have been haivng to use Internet Explorer which does not like my classes and my school so it constantly goes down. So How do I get my 3.0 back?

  45. Hael wrote on :

    netnotes please

  46. wcrick wrote on :

    Have an older FF (3.6.28) and can’t update everything I need. I need to get to individual sport sites for different schools and can’t open them after opening Is this an update problem because of the age of the system? It’s an older iMac (10.4.11). I can briefly see the page I have opened before the screen goes white where the page appeared. What can be done?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Are you saying that some pages don’t load in recent versions of Firefox? Can you give us specific examples?

      1. wcrick wrote on :

        I have tried to update to more recent versions of Firefox but don’t have the system requirements to do so. I have access to most of what I need to do my work as a sports editor, but, cannot get to sites associated with MaxPreps. I have tried to access the sites I need on Safari as well but have not been successful there either. It’s the same thing, I can see a flash of the sites I want under MaxPreps, but after the brief glimpse, the page goes white. Maybe the question now is do I need another computer with the higher system requirements or is there a way to keep the old iMac with all the important data it holds. Without the proper system requirements, is there a way to open the sites I need on MaxPreps? Thanks for your response. Wasn’t sure I would hear from you.

        1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

          I don’t know what the problem could be. I’m on a (relatively new) Mac and I am able to browse the site fine. It could be that the pages you’re visiting have Flash plugins and that is what’s causing the problems. Still, it’s odd that it would work on 3.6 and not later versions. I know that older Macs are no longer supported in recent versions of Firefox, so I don’t blame you if you choose to stay with 3.6. It might be a good idea to renovate your hardware, though 🙂

          1. wcrick wrote on :

            Thanks for your time. Have a great day.

  47. Jaymi wrote on :

    I am not very computer literate so I will probably use wrong terminology, but I cannot upgrade because I have the same issues as the previous student mentioned regarding both Black Board, plus the TurnitIn program we use through our school. I MUST use the older *3.6.something*, and even with the Java add-on enabled the school pages have written in large letters across the top of my screen that I need to enable my Java (hence my finding this forum here!). The only browser I have ever used is Mozilla because I cannot stand IE which constantly crashes/freezes/loses my research. I do not use IE unless I have to since MS appears to have an authority complex that likes to dictate how I can use MY property/computer sometimes for the Fixit, updates, and various other stuff (THAT incompatibility – inability to use FF for MS ‘things’ – would be wonderful to have resolved as well!). I love my Mozilla, and in all my years of computer-using have never looked anywhere else because I have the frame of mind that if it isn’t broke – don’t fix it! But I am quickly reaching that ‘broke’ point because in addition to the school’s B.B./TurnitIn issue, {and as mentioned above my another individual} recently FF usage reaches upwards of 500K or higher, grinding my computer to a halt after a short time: A VERY short time. This is very inconvenient for not only researching for schoolwork, but in freezing other programs so my computer can “increase page files” or something, and I have even had to ask my University to reset my testing a few times because it ‘times out’ or something too! It is not until I terminate the firefox.exe process through the TaskManager (just closing it and trying to reopen after a bit has my computer telling me that I already have FF running and I have to close that first or reboot my computer every time!) and after not use FF for a while I can resume my studies for a short while until the usage gets so big again it starts interfering… It’s like the “Wash, Rinse, Repeat” instructions on the shampoo bottle I tell ya’! All day long (except for my 1 week breaks in between semesters!) this is what my computer experience has been reduced to and frankly I am getting a bit tired of it.

    I also recently switched to Norton and did not even know about their toolbar and safe incompatibility until reading it here!! I DID know that it pops up that Firefox is doing ‘suspicious activity’ which generally starts at 3, and ends up around 50 by the time I have to terminate the process once again. I’m not sure what all that means, and it is scary stuff to a “tech illiterate” such as myself who can recall the days when no one even had a computer and phones still attached to walls (or use the CB like everyone else!), but some forum recommended a program to try and it said that Firefox was overflowing my buffers and had to wait for a port or something?? Anyhow… whatever all that means! I didn’t know I had ‘ports’ that can get ‘overflowed’, let alone how to fix – or even FIND – them. Especially since my local and trusted computer tech shop has closed its doors, I have no help other than internet searches that scare me more than help me!

    Needless to say, I can love FF – or at least what it USED to be like for me – all I like, but it seems to me that FF is becoming more of a hassle than a help anymore. I surely do not want to look elsewhere for a browser because I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look, or what to look for, or even know what I want! I guess google “browser just like Mozilla NOT Mozilla”? Probably contact my University and do whatever they recommend – other than using FF (because they do recommend it, but only the compatible older version). Having a computer used to be nice because I could keep in touch with my family and grandchildren, and I need it for school, and communicating with my son who is deployed in Afghanistan. It used to make life easier to own one, not I just get a headache from sitting at it for so long trying to find resolutions (at least until another “computer guy” comes to my very small town that I don’t hear any horror stories of bad service about!).

    Much like when my deployed son would tell me as a child during a tantrum: “I don’t wanna’ hafta!”. I do NOT want to try to go anywhere else and leave my beloved FF that I have used for so many years and am comfortable with!! I would like to see these issues resolved so that I can not only upgrade (I believe upgrading is what helps keep my computer stable and safe too, right?) but upgrade AND still be able to do my schoolwork (and hopefully an upgrade will just fix whatever is wrong with my Java add-on that is enabled, but not for where I need it enable at most – school?)! I cannot say enough how much I do not want to switch browsers but if I cannot use it anymore, then loyalty to you can only go so far – and I am about at the end of my journey with on this one!! So that is why I cannot upgrade on the computer I do my schoolwork on…. (my other computer which is fairly new and upgraded all the way is completely fine and without issue!!) Thank you for taking the time to listen to my input…. Jaymi =)

  48. saeed wrote on :

    excellent…….so thanks

  49. Wendy wrote on :

    I was on Firefox 3.6 on my Mac G4. I tried to download the latest Firefox version – and it wiped out my version 3.6, and of course wouldn’t accept the newer version because my computer is too old.

    What do I do now? I no longer have Firefox on this computer!

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      You can get the latest version of 3.6 from our FTP site.

  50. Dolores wrote on :

    I need Bookmarks LinkChecker to be compatible with v14/15 to check for redundant links. It worked so well before and was really useful.

    1. Dolores wrote on :

      Does anyone have a suggestion for this at all please?

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