Are add-ons keeping you on Firefox 3.6?

Since we implemented Add-ons Default to Compatible, most add-ons that were updated to work on Firefox 4 continue to work on the latest releases. The add-on compatibility problems we’ve had ever since have been minimal.

However, there are still a number of popular add-ons that weren’t updated for the switch to Firefox 4. People who still have these add-ons installed may be skipping Firefox updates because their add-ons are not compatible yet, and probably never will be. As we make a stronger push to move users away from old and potentially insecure Firefox versions, we need to make sure they don’t lose the add-ons they love.

Luckily, we have an amazing add-on developer community, where no abandoned add-on goes unforked. I spent a great deal of time looking for the most popular add-ons still in use on 3.6 and lower, as well as their best alternatives. Here they are.

  • Mr Tech Toolkit. I tried to get in touch with the developers to no avail. They have an updated version available on their site. I normally wouldn’t recommend non-AMO add-ons, but I reviewed the current file (toolkit.xpi, version  and everything looks good, except for a few features that appear to be broken. If you use this add-on, I’d like to hear which of its features you use.
  • Snap Links.  Compatible alternative: Snap Links Plus.
  • Gmail Notifier. Compatible alternatives: WebMail Notifier, GMail Checker.
  • RapidShare DownloadHelper. Compatible alternative: Rapidshare Helper. This add-on hasn’t received full approval, but it doesn’t appear to have any major problems.
  • Bahasa Indonesia (ID) Language Pack, Estonian Language Pack. You can download the latest Firefox already translated to this language (and many more!) from the International Versions page. Just install it over your current Firefox install and you won’t lose any bookmarks or data.
  • 1-Click YouTube Video Download, YouTube Download, Flash Video Resources Downloader. We have many YouTube downloaders listed on AMO, and I specially recommend Video DownloadHelper.
  • MinimizeToTray Plus. Compatible alternative: MinimizeToTray Revived.
  • Update Notifier. Compatible alternative: Add-on Update Checker.
  • Full Fullscreen. Modern versions of Firefox already hide toolbars in a similar way. There are some kiosk applications listed on AMO, though we normally don’t allow them to get full review.
  • Noia 2.0 (eXtreme). Compatible alternative: Noia 4.
  • PDF Plugin for Firefox on Mac OS X. Compatible alternative: PDF Viewer, a.k.a pdf.js, created by Mozilla Labs and possibly coming soon as part of Firefox.
  • CacheViewer. Compatible alternative: CacheViewer Continued.
  • CustomizeGoogle. I couldn’t find an exact match, but you should try Google Minimalist and SearchTweaker. There are many more, of course.
  • Ad blocker. Compatible alternative: Updated Ad Blocker. And the always popular AdBlock Plus.
  • CuteMenus – Crystal SVG. Compatible alternative: Menu Icons Plus.
  • Mouse Gestures Redox. Compatible alternatives: All-in-One Gestures and FireGestures.
  • 1-ClickWeather, Forecastbar Enhanced, WeatherBug. Compatible alternative: Forecastfox Weather.
  • Easy DragToGo. Compatible alternative: DragIt.
  • Organize Status Bar. Since the status bar was replaced with the Add-on Bar in recent versions or Firefox, you can reorganize all of your buttons and toolbars in one place. This extension isn’t necessary anymore.
  • Chromifox Basic. Compatible alternative: FXChrome.
  • Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser). The add-on was forked by the developer into the new Fox Splitter. You should uninstall the old version and install this new one.
  • Splash. This add-on displays a splash window before Firefox loads. Understandably, there are no known alternatives. Why would you want to slow down Firefox load time for this? I’d love to know…
  • Smart Bookmarks Bar. Compatible alternatives: Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar and Smartest Bookmarks Bar.
  • SQLite Optimizer. This add-on is generally unnecessary. The largest local DB in your profile is usually the Places DB, and that one is vacuumed when necessary. Other add-ons that handle very active DBs should do the same.
  • Clipmarks. Compatible alternative: Evernote Web Clipper.
  • Auto Shutdown. Compatible alternative: Auto Shutdown NG.
  • AnyColor. The very new Colorlicious covers its most important features. We also recommend giving Background Themes (Personas) a try.
  • Print Preview. Compatible alternative: Print Preview (Update).

I’d like to thank the developers of FireDownload, IE Tab and The Browser Highlighter for upgrading their add-ons between the time this list was compiled and the publication of this blog post.

Are there any other add-ons holding you back on Firefox 3.6 or older? Do you have other recommendations for alternatives? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Guest wrote on :

    After updating from 3.6 to newer version we could able to set the home page to google with firefox logo as it would like in 3.6 showing all the links over top and the firefox image center with the google search how to set to this

    1. jingarelho wrote on :

      just use as your homepage

  2. Cindy Nelly Dzifa Dzikunu wrote on :

    i have problem with my firefox.

  3. Brian C wrote on :

    I am using an older Mac G-5, single processor, running OSX 10.4.11 I get the note: “Some of the plug-ins used on this page are out of date.” I click on “Update Plug-Ins” which brings me to a firefox screen that shows me 5 plug-ins that are either:

    1) QuickTime Plug-In 7.6.4… Tried it and it says Macs have QuickTime built in.

    2) Java Embedding Plugin… It says Mac has its own version of Jave – check updates. Checked updates, – none to do.

    3) Java Plug-in… Same as above.

    4) Flip4Mac Windows Media Plugin 2.2.1… I clicked install and it came back with a window stating the “This computer needs to be checked to see if FlipMac can be installed… checked… failed.

    5) Shockwave Flash… Got all the way to the point of installing the installer and the computer regected this installer ” Can Not Run On This Computer.”

    Please tell me how fix these plug-in glitches on an older Mac G-5. or how to go back to the last version of FireFox that ran without any problems.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      You should be getting this message because of the Flash plugin. I’m not sure why this didn’t work correctly when you tried it, but there should be a suitable update you can install from the Adobe site. Make sure that you’re choosing the right system before downloading. It should be something like Mac OS X, PPC.

      1. Anton wrote on :

        the person with the Mac PPC G5 / OSX 10.4. is correct
        the ADOBE UPDATE that FIREFOX says as a FIX
        >>>> is FOR INTEL MACHINES only .<<<<<

        so those comments are of NO VALUE .

        1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

          So, is there no update for PPC machines? Or are we just pointing to the wrong page?

          1. Mike wrote on :

            You are no longer updating Firefox beyond 3.6 for Power PC, that is correct.

          2. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

            I was asking about Flash, not Firefox, since the message you’re getting is about an outdated version of Flash.

          3. Steph wrote on :

            What flash player are you running? It’s easier to go to their site to update. Firefox determines compatibility only. They aren’t required to keep an update for that.

      2. Jim wrote on :

        Wanted to offer feedback on the fact that I can’t update Firefox 3.6.2 or Adobe Flash on OS 10.4.11, on a PPC G5 and a G4. No more streaming video, time for the wastebin… but wait! Safari, which I used think was a distant second to Firefox offers HTML5, and now videos play just fine. Is HTML5 available on Firefox 3.6.2? No!

        Guess I’ll leave Firefox after many years and start using my OS 10.4.11 Safari, which allows my perfectly fast G5 and G4 to use DSL streaming video again

        Here’s the best part. When I went to Firefox “feedback” site to offer this advice, I got the message “Oh! So, you want to offer us feedback on Firefox. Thank you, but you’ll need to be on the latest version!”

        Oh, the irony!

    2. Charles Emery, Sr. wrote on :

      Same problems, with the added one that Firefox “has inactivated Java.”
      Can’t afford to get the latest Whiz-Bang hardware in order to run the latest OS. How do we “seniors” manage to stay usefully connected, if we’re “protected” from using our still perfectly functioning “old” hardware? Now Firefox wants me to download the latest iteration- which probably won’t run on my PPC-G4, running OS 10.4. Any suggestions out there? Other than shut up, that is.

      1. Jim wrote on :

        Charles, see my post of today 7/17. Open Safari, go to YouTube site and turn on HTML5 to replace the non-upgradable Adobe Flash. Your Safari is ancient like mine (10.4.11 version), but will still stream video without Adobe Flash, unlike Firefox. Change your default browser to Safari instead of Firefox, you should be back in biz. Good luck.

      2. Jim wrote on :

    3. Alan wrote on :

      I’m having the exact same problem as Brian C, and now I’m constantly getting the drop down message about updating my plugins.

  4. moc wrote on :

    How do I get bing to stop coming up as I prefer google

    1. Shauna Russ wrote on :

      Look at your search box. The “Bing” logo (orange box containing a white lower case “b”) is on the far left of the box, then there is a “down arrow” button, then the word “Bing,” and then the input area of the search box. Click on the “down arrow” button and you should see a list of different search sites. Look for “Google” in that list and click on it (or any other name you might be interested in trying).

      At some point, you might want a more specialized search engine so you can go to the bottom of the list and click on “Manage Search Engines . . .” and that will open up a small box on top of your open page. It will show all the search engines in your present selection and there are buttons on the right that will allow you to move search engines up or down in your list. (If Google is not at the top of your list, click the name to highlight it & then click the “move up” button until Google is at the top.) To add new search engines to your list, look below the list of current search engines for the link “get more search engines” and it will open a new tab with a selection of add-on search enhe gines for you to choose from. If you still want something else, Look to the left side of that page and select from the various options there.

      I hope this is helpful to you because I have described what to do if you are using a current version of Mozilla Firefox. I started using Mozilla Firefox years ago & I’ve always updated each time there was a new version and I’ve had very few problems. If I ended up with add-ons that no longer worked, I usually looked for a helpful article such as this one or went to a community support group where they usually explained what feature in the new version replaced that particular add-on. I’ve never had any really serious problems with the Firefox browser & always found it to be a rather fast, fun & reliable browser. If you do ask for help, you should take the time to search online an?d be sure you correctly understand and use the right terms/vocabulary. If you explain your problem carefully, calmly and thoroughly, you’ll usually be satisfied with the answers given to you. If I have not answered your question to your satisfaction, you should probably post your question on a more appropriate page (Support?) Best wishes.

  5. askum95 wrote on :

    I hate Add-ons they bog down my computer and when I deleted my cookies it will not remove. Im beyond mad! Every time I turn on my computer more crap is added. If I didn’t need this thing I would take a hammer to it. I have tried the instructions step by step and they still won’t leave!GRRRRRRRR How can I stop it. Add Choice is now on there and It never ends I DONT WANT THE CRAP ON MY COMPUTER! What will it take to get the crap off?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Please post your question in the support site, where others can help you.

      1. durdana khan wrote on :

        cannot download firfox say time over

    2. Jim Fair wrote on :

      To Askum95: You could try an app called “Clean My Mac” from MacPaw. The cost is small, and I’m glad I had it on-board, because it helped me get rid of “MacKeeper”, which was real bothersome. Hang in there, don’t let the computer be the boss.

  6. Ian wrote on :


    I was using Ffox 3.16 with the Google toolbar ( I was using the following icons/ buttons,: Gmail , cut, copy , paste, Google Translate ( which would translate a complete page ), spell check and need to find out how to find equivilent features on new FF. Also where is the refresh icon/button. This change is really confusing for people who are not tech savvy.

    Thank you

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      If you want to continue using the Google Toolbar, you’ll need to downgrade to Firefox 4, or try the alternatives suggested by Google. That page explains how Google decided to abandon the toolbar after Firefox 4.

  7. carl ehlert wrote on :

    cant play games on pogo

  8. Andrew Cooke wrote on :

    Hasn’t been a good experience,kept saying that Firefox was off line then I upgraded but it’s still happening & now back using Safari again.
    Sorry to be negative but just not worth the hassle when it isn’t reliable.

  9. Lepsangel wrote on :

    We have not upgraded because we have Roboform in the basic edition (not the new one that puts all your passwords online/in the cloud somewhere)and it won’t work with any version past this(Firefox 3.6.23). They want us to buy the new Roboform, of course, but we do not intend to. Any help? Thanks.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      The RoboForm Lite extension is free and doesn’t require online sync, according to its description. You can also try alternatives like LastPass.

  10. Linda wrote on :

    I still have add-ons not on the list above that do not work in the new version. I cannot use Orbit Downloader. I resent the fact that Firefox constantly now installs this new dreaded version and I have to reinstall 3.6. I see you have removed the capability to retrieve older versions.
    It saddens me greatly to have to return to IE, where my apps work.

    I wish you would offer a “supported” version like 3.6 – as an option to loyal users of the browser. I feel I got Netflixed.

    I hope the powers that be – read this and remedy this travesty.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      All Firefox versions ever released are available in the FTP site. Also, are you using the latest version of Orbit Downloader? Their changelog claims they have at least worked on Firefox 10 compatibility, and their latest version was released today.

      1. Linda wrote on :

        I did load the most current version of Orbit. When I go to a flash site to download, the option to download through Orbit is gone, and I am unable to get it to work if I browse and select Orbit (either exe). It will only download in the firefox downloader.
        And with flashplayer and Firefox – I cannot stream BBC radio shows.
        I can do both of the above in IE, with no effort.

  11. Akssay Kamath wrote on :

    please release fire download version compatible to the latest firefox releases. i beg u all… please…

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      It is already compatible.

  12. efren c velez wrote on :

    I upgraded to firefox 13 but I do not see your toolbars according to the web page. Ex: I have yahoo toolbar under most visited,getting started, latest headlines, etc…but not yr toolbars according to the web page diagram steps. I only work with firefox if I can avoid any other web page, this means I have a lot of trust in you. Help!

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Please ask on our support site.

  13. Barbara Wood wrote on :

    when try to play games on pogo, game comes up but when hit play game comes up in a small box with just about half of game showing. So can you send message to how to fix the game as don’t like playing Internet Explorer. Barbara

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      That sounds like a Flash problem. Can you try asking on our support site?

  14. mike burns wrote on :

    A Grease Monkey script called “hughes_useage_calc” works perfectly in Firefox 3.6. It broke with the new versions of Firefox. I’ve also tried Scriptish. It doesn’t work there, either.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      It’s probably using some old JS or HTML feature that was dropped in the past. Do you see any errors in the Error Console when you run it on newer versions of Firefox?

  15. Claudia wrote on :

    Currency Convertor by ForEX. Online shopping is not the same without it =(

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Have you tried any of the alternatives?

  16. Guest wrote on :

    Never mind add-ons. How about applications that make use of certain versions of Firefox? McAfee ePO server 4.6 is a prime example. It only supports Firefox 3.6.x. Stop pushing your new browser via the Help -> Check for update mechanism. It’s a pain in the ass. If there is a new update for 3.6, I want to see it. I know my browser is “out of date”. Who gives a crap! Oh yes, and like other users have mentioned in the past, your new version number scheme sucks. Firefox 13, give me a break. You are at version 4 at best.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      There will be no more updates for the 3.6 branch, so you can just disable automatic updates if you don’t intend to update.

  17. Guest wrote on :

    What about the Free Download Manager plugin that allows FDM to run with Firefox? I just tried v12 and it wasn’t compatible. I use wifi that can cut off unpredictably and it’s better than Downthemall for me.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Is this the one you’re talking about? If so, they claim to support Firefox up to version 14. Perhaps you just need to update your FDM software?

  18. Richard Morse wrote on :

    I don’t know which update knocked out my “Skype”.

    I used to see my daughter in California. No more.

  19. jet wrote on :

    magpie bulk image saver, i have pterodactyl now but it’s nothing like magpie

  20. joebanana wrote on :

    Well, since flash player plug in won’t work in FF, I’m heading over to Chrome.

    1. Timothy wrote on :

      Flash works fine. I’d suggest trying a reinstall of the Flash plugin, if you haven’t switched browser.

      1. Hoop wrote on :

        Oh yeah, running Windows 7 on a 2 year old notebook

    2. Hoop wrote on :

      I’ve used Firefox for years, updating when absolutely neccessary, minimal add-ons like adblocker & video downloader. Video downloader disabled unless I needed it. My biggest dissapointment is the ever increasing problems with Adobe Flash performance as I like to frequent the site omgpop and youtube here and there (hanging, freezing, broken graphics) After the latest firefox update 13, I finally gave up.
      Having to constantly update Adobe Flash & java after updating firefox, got on my last nerve.
      I never thought I’d ever go back to IE, but I did.
      Firefox used to rock, wth happened?

    3. hidayat wrote on :

      well, I had the same problem too when I’m trying to use the latest FF after such long time using Chrome, once I upgraded it from FF10, there are problems with flash player that I though I would switch back to Chrome but then I founded out that the flash plug in was broken when upgrade, (and it was also outdated :P) so I checked back to upgrade that too, AND now I’m using FF14.0.1 happily!
      (of course, I’m using it with InstantFox and latest IDM plug in installed :P)

      so now, get back to FF and don’t forget to download and install the latest flash player plug in for your FF!!

  21. Joseph wrote on :

    i just register newly, i need more time to get use with

  22. itZoM wrote on :

    Still till date i found Firefox series 3 is the complete replacement to IE.I use Firefox to open secure streaming Java pages which requires IE8 OR IE9,but FF series 3 can handle it flawlessly which the other versions of Firefox cant.I’d like to recommend Firefox to keep it’s eyes on 3 series users too,else one day it will loose million of customers who will migrate to IE or Chrome.

  23. Random1 wrote on :

    Every single update makes fox-tab unusable for weeks.

  24. Mayrene wrote on :

    I want to use 3.6 because it is compatible with things I use . I hate version 13. it will not let me use the things I need. I can’t download 3.6 any more. I have a thing that says that Firefox crashed, and I don’t believe it. I have written to them with NO RESPONSE. I have a HP windows 7 and I hate it too. Does anyone have a solution for me?

    1. truefaith7 wrote on :

      Mayrene, you can find Firefox 3.6 at, and I’ve also been having the same problems with Firefox 3.6 “crashing” (including when I close the browser) for the past week or two. The problem didn’t start until after I upgraded Flash a week or two ago. Not sure if that’s the case for you, but it might be a place to start investigating.

      Good luck and hope this helps!

  25. e624737 wrote on :

    v 12 uses twice as much ram as 3.6
    awful changes in interface since 3.6
    new big-brother tech as webSockets and mousercursor-api whatever you named it
    google everywhere

    no way i’m going to upgrade to new FF

  26. Dudblake wrote on :

    Hello Jorge,

    I’m having trouble with the Kaspersky URL Advisor, however most of the other Add-ons seem to work fine.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      It’s best to take up the problem to the Kaspersky people. Plus, you need to give plenty of detail about your problem so someone can figure out what could be wrong.

  27. Domingo wrote on :

    I have had Firefox Mozzilla for the longest and have always kept it even after going through several computers. However, this time Firefox has kept my others browsers from working properly. When I want to listen to someone’s music mixes on the page opens, but the music player is missing and it won’t play. The music player from music store samples will not play either. The same thing happens when I want to watch a video on YouTube, the page opens, but the video will not play out. Its freezes and it slows up functionality. When I type into a search box I do not see what I type, till about 20 or 30 second later and not all I type appears within the search box. Overall it’s malfunctioning improperly. However I have internet explorer setup the same way and it behaves normally without any problems. When I log into Firefox it tells me that my account has been deactivated. When I try to register again it tells me that I already have account. When I opt for a confirmation email or an email response, I wait and wait and I do not get one. Do you guys know that this is happening to your Firefox browser? It is stupid not have a means to contact your company. I have problems that are not fixable by your knowledge base.

  28. Babasaheb Patil wrote on :

    Hi, plz What about the Free Download Manager plugin that allows FDM to run with Firefox?

    please tell me?

  29. Byron Jarratt wrote on :

    I’m having the same problems with Firefox 13.0.1 and web sites music players. YouTube, Pandora all “pagestream” players. I reload Firefox, still no “play”. I’m on Windows 7 Professional. Have a laptop Windows 7 Home premium and it working great with 13x.

    1. Timothy wrote on :

      My best guess is that this is a Flash or other plugin-related problem. Try re-installing these plugins and try again.

      1. Hoop wrote on :

        The re-installs are not helping, alot of us have been around long enough to know to unistall, (restarting after each change of course,) re-install, and when that doesn’t work, uninstall again, uninstall firefox, re-install.. it’s endless. Until you all integrate whatever adobe update is required into the browser update, people that aren’t programmers and don’t want to mess with this are obviously going to be frustrated and looking at other browser options with minimal browser maintenance.

  30. zlloyd1 wrote on :

    I have found that since updating Firefox to it most recent version my Freecorder 5 no longer records video from online…. This is frustrating, as if I needed another reason to stop using Firefox, it seems that every other week they put out a new version that destroys the functionality of add ons that I use frequently!! I even have to use Explorer now for my online classes because the eCampus site is not compatible with Firefox browser, and now I have to use Explorer to get my video clips from the internet. This is getting to be retarded now Mozilla, PLEASE STOP UPDATING a browser that already is incompatible with most everything!!

    1. zlloyd1 wrote on :

      For the record, I tried installing an older version of Firefox, but it still didn’t work and now Firefox is always barking at me to upgrade to the current version!!

  31. Dwight wrote on :

    I continue with Version 3.6 because all newer versions stink. Thanks one whole helluva lot Mozilla for continuing to develop garbage browser.

    1. Mick wrote on :

      I couldn’t agree more with your comment…. I hate it too… Bum’s me out big time… I hate the big E but i am going back to it until Firefox gets their crap together…!

  32. Boaz wrote on :

    The only reason that I’m still with Firefox 3.6.28 is because it’s the latest version with Customize Toolbar that includes “New Tab” button. I tried this morning Firefox 14.0b9 (latest up to day) and it still does not include this button.
    Is there any way that we can get the “New Tab” button back?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      I couldn’t find any add-ons that did what you wanted. One way to get this functionality is to create a custom toolbar button, but you need some coding knowledge to make it work.

    2. Kris Maglione wrote on :

      What exactly is the problem? All recent releases of Firefox have a new tab button in the tabs toolbar by default.

    3. Timothy wrote on :

      Not only do new versions of Firefox include the ‘New Tab’ button along the tab bar, but this has also replaced the option to add another ‘New Tab’ button on standard toolbars, IIRC.

  33. Marv wrote on :

    Once again your newest up-date is a total freakin’ disaster!!!

    As if being on dial up isn’t slow enough, now it takes forever for sites to load!!! And some sites never completely finish loading and now the Refresh Button is Missing!!!!

    and we get booted off of Facebook every time we leave the site.

    I’m so sick of dealing with these trash up-dates!!! Especially when they install themselves without my permission!!!!! This is my computer!!!!!!!!! Do I come to your house and screw with your PC? I’m sure that you would be super pissed if I did!!!

    But no worries,I’ll be changing all of our PCs back to Internet Explorer this afternoon so that you can’t force feed any more of your bull shit up-dates into our computers.

    1. Timothy wrote on :

      1. The refresh button is still available, but it has been compacted into a combo refresh-stop button and is located at the end of the address bar. It is a context button. If you are loading a site and want to refresh, you’ll have to click the button once (stop), and then again (refresh) to refresh the page. Once the page has loaded, the button will change into a straight refresh button, meaning you only have to click once to refresh a page. Alternatively, you could just press F5.

      2. Updates are configurable in the options. It defaults to installing automatically, but you can change this.

  34. Mick wrote on :

    This new upgrade is a pain, it has caused all sorts of compatibility polems… now firefox will only half load… I scratched it out and re uploaded and still the same problems… I truned all security off and tried, etc,,,etc… I used to like Firefox, but all these new stupid updates have really turned into a not so pleasent base…. I am goig back to the big E….at laeast it works and does not always have problems with each update…! Serioulsy just fix Firfox and leave it alone…all these new tab locations etc..etc… are not really all that user freindly…. I know your tech’s all want to say they have created something cool and new… but seriously sometimes if something isn’t broken it’s better to just leave it alone…!

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Mick, this article may help:

  35. Pamela wrote on :

    what I see you really don’t know what your doing with foxfire because you keep upgrading!

  36. j wrote on :

    My computer became such a mess after upgrading to the latest Firefox that I just decided to reformat and start over and go back to an older version. My adds weren’t working anymore so I even ended up with malware.

    Every time there is a FireFox upgrade everyone has compatability issues. Why does it keep getting upgraded every few months? It’s ridiculous.

    1. Hoop wrote on :

      I ended up wiping my hardrive also after 13.0.1.

  37. Tim wrote on :

    Too bad – Firefox used to be easy to use. I’m on 13.0.1 with Win7. Lost my preference to have every new tab default to Google Search page. Tried to follow the fix instructions, no luck. Cannot get
    PDF files to open – automatically download – I did not change anything. Sounds like you did.
    Your product takes up too much time to fix all the problems you create with each new version.
    Just tried the PDF fix, don’t follow your if-then-else-if-then-else outline of multiple possible ways to
    fix it. Back to IE. Sounds like you got your quota of converts from IE over the past few years and
    figure they’ll stay with you in times of smugness – bye-bye.

  38. Ken Saunders wrote on :

    For your first issue, enter about:config in the location bar, hit the button that reads “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
    In the Search field on that page, enter browser.newtab.url
    Double click (or right click “Modify”) on browser.newtab.url under Preference Name
    Enter whatever URL you want to have loaded when you open a new tab (about:home,, etc)
    Hit OK

    As far as PDF’s, are you saying that they download automatically and you’d rather view them in Firefox?
    If so, go to Tools > Options > Applications
    Under Content Type, look for items such as Adobe Acrobat Document. The Action section in the right column shows how PDF’s are handled.
    You should be able to click on the action and select “Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)”. There are other options in there as well.

    If that doesn’t work, let me know.

  39. Pat wrote on :

    I can not upgrade to latest version of fire fox because my browser is not compatible with my energy company’s live chat were you go on speak direct to them it is only compatible with older version 3,6 why are the latest versions not compatible ? This is driving me mad because my version 3.6 keeps crashing on daily basis don’t know how to resolve the problem other than uninstalling Fire Fox altogether ?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Can you tell us which website is this, or the name of the software?

      1. Pat wrote on :

        not very good with computors so dont know which web site it is or name of soft were ? how do i find this out ?

  40. Doug Baggett wrote on :

    There is a Belkin KVM plugin for an awful KVM over IP switch that I have to access. The plugin only works on Firefox 3.6. The extension is downloaded directly from the KVM and is called “Belkin KVMIP” version

    I could send you the plugin from my 3.6 installation if you want.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      I’m afraid there isn’t much that we can do about it. It’s most likely a binary add-on that can’t be loaded in newer versions. Have you tried contacting Belkin about it? According to their website, they support “Firefox 3.0 and later”, so they should at least update those claims.

  41. Mats Svensson wrote on :

    I need help with this issue to migrate:

    I cant wrap my head around the documentation and the dev site, it feels mostly like one big shoebox of napkins and pizza-menus with doodles on them.

    You try to search, and search and you get pages and pages of documents only valid for FF 2.0 mixed up with documents only valid for FF 7 or whatever old shit..

    I cant tell you how often i have sat down to finally get this done, just to hours later just say “F it!” without getting anywhere at all, because i cant find a damn thing documented.

    Almost every single page you find has that “This content covers features in version [not the current one]” on it, and no way to get to any current version of the page or any clue about if the thing you are trying to do is even still possible in Firefox (and if not WHY??).

    I know documenting stuff is awfully boring, but they are F killing Firefox by rolling out new incompatible undocumented stuff every 15 minutes,while letting the dev site fester and rot.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      It looks like you’re getting help in that discussion thread, so I’d stick with asking questions there. The more specific the question, the easier it is to reply to. You might also want to consider eliminating the middle man and looking for the people working on Places code. They’re probably the best people to ask these questions to.

      1. Mats Svensson wrote on :

        Im not getting any help there only guesses, since no one seems to know why anything doesn’t work >3.6 or how to fix it,

        The problem is general, not specific.

        How can it be acceptable to just rip large chunks of functionality out of the apis without documenting anywhere that it has been done or why?

        Suddenly things just stop working, and no one really knows why.
        And if you have built on the apis, well that just toooo bad…

        I don’t have the time to start some large research project to find out how to do the same thing AGAIN, that i have already once before spent a long time to get working,
        And then do the same for FF version 42.5 next week, and the same for FF 79.6 the week after that.

  42. Walter Schmidt wrote on :

    I am new to firefox. On IE I had a tool bar that would fill in my name and address for me with one button click. Does firefox have anything like that? Most handy thing since sliced bread.

  43. Pat wrote on :

    really had enough of my fire fox now it is stopping me using my computor properly its crashing all the time i am on even reading my emails etc dont know how to solve this problem i can not update from the 3.6.25 version because when i do and i try to have live chats with my energy company about my bills etc it says incompatible with my browder ? what my browser is i dont know i just want this problem sorting other wise will have to completely uninstall fire fox choose something else go back to my internet explorer browser i am not good with computors so dont know how to solve these crashes and not being able to update fire fox ?

  44. JZA wrote on :

    I was looking on upgrading this business – XBRL Addon and the ODF Viewer addon.

    I found the XBRL has a large codebase, but would need further guidance to produce a fork of the Addon.

    Currently I was pointed to jetpack but I am afraid this addon is too focused on XUL to make it viable to also switch frameworks. Please help me what would be the shortest road to provide an update.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      There are a number of developer resources available in the Developer Hub, particularly the add-on developer forum.

      I think the first steps would be to update the install manifest and chrome manifest for both these add-ons and just try them out to see what breaks.

      BTW, it looks like the XBRL add-on is being worked on by the developer, but the new versions haven’t passed our code reviews yet due to potential security issues.

  45. Kate wrote on :

    Blackboard is keeping me from updating. Chat function crashes without the older version, and since teach online – that’s how I communicate with students.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on :

      Kate, have you tried approaching the IT staff in your school or the Blackboard support line about this issue?

  46. ASHUTOSH wrote on :

    old version is good because at least it consist of interesting features like form saver and many more

  47. Mats Svensson wrote on :

    This is a joke right?

    I have just worked my ass off piecing together a just barely working Firefox 13 setup to replace my 3.6 one.
    It was working fairly, and i was literally just doing the last restart/test, when Firefox updated itself to 14.

    And now almost all my addons are broken again.

    I seems another piece of the API was just chopped off, again, and no one bothered changing the documentation to reflect this, AGAIN.

    Apparently among other things getItemIdForGUID and setItemGUID is removed, with no replacement.

    You can see them described in the CURRENT documentation here:

    …with no indication whatsoever they they are not supported anymore, or they there is even any discussion to remove them.

    And at the same time you can see some of the discussion and about how they will be removed, that i have found here::

    Am i correct to assume that he people who maintain the documentation, and the programmers that are writing the code are not aware of each others existence?

    Whats the F point to try to keep up with BS like this?
    Very soon this “documentation will have nothing at all to do with the actual code, NADA.

    And THIS is why Firefox will be dead soon, and Google will own the web.
    Happy goldfish-bowl to all of us.!

  48. Nicky wrote on :

    I am really disappointed with this new release 14.0something. I lost a lot of data!!! So am very angry! FF became a MS resemblance – every new release makes problems for the users, they don’t solve any, except for the flash, lately, but who cares when one loses a lot of data? I am on the edge to start hating you, FF! I need my info not as a folder for my bookmarks, I need them the way they were, again you do not stick with the guys who make ff better, pfuuu… pfu is the most tender word I can write down here! Regards!

  49. George New wrote on :



  50. Mohammad wrote on :

    Maybe I shouldn’t be posting this on a mozilla forum, but I’m a long-time firefox user who’s trying to switch to Chrome, mostly for homogeneity across platforms, especially Android (I don’t like firefox for Android, and have never managed to get the desktop and mobile version to sync). There’s only one thing that just won’t let me switch, and that’s the extension “All-in-one gestures”. All gesture extensions I’ve tried on Chrome is lacking in something or other that I’ve come to take for granted (gestures don’t work universally on all types of pages, such as flash content etc., and flicking up on a link to open a new tab in background seems to be impossible for me to do with any extension in chrome.)

    Any help?

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