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One year since 1.0!

I happened to be looking at the github tags page for the SDK just now and realized that it has been exactly one year to the day since the Jetpack project released SDK 1.0! The exact git change is here.

I pulled some quick stats from github in the tag range of 1.0 -> 1.8rc2, and it looks like we had 1429 changes in 196 pull requests added to the repo in the last 12 months.

Additionally, I extracted a ( possibly incomplete ) list of outside contributors ( everyone except Mozilla staff directly assigned to the SDK team ); it looks like at least 23 people outside of the team itself have committed code to the github repo in the last year! On behalf of the Jetpack project, I’d like to thanks all of our outside contributors for their efforts. For a full, all-time list of contributors, please the credits page in the docs.

It seems timely to mention that this past Tuesday the SDK’s CommonJS module loader landed on the mozilla-central repository. This is a landmark event that start the next phase of development for the SDK. Soon, the SDK loader and libraries will ship with Firefox. The advantages to shipping the SDK with Firefox include:

  • smaller xpis.
  • no need for SDK re-packs to gain bug fixes.
  • no need to support two target Firefox versions.
  • CommonJS modules could be used for Firefox or non-SDK add-on development.
  • it will be possible to implement the SDK packaging & testing tools as an add-on.

One comment on “One year since 1.0!”

  1. Nicholas Nethercote wrote on

    “Soon, the SDK loader and libraries will ship with Firefox” — excellent! The SDK has had some memory leaks, great that the fixed versions will soon be used everywhere.