Jetpack Project: weekly update for June 19, 2012

Project News

  • It starts! Yesterday we landed the commonJS module loader land from the SDK on Mozilla Central!! This is a big first step in the process to ship the SDK loader and apis in Firefox.
  • Alexandre Poirot has made great progress with the development of a re-packing script for older SDK-based add-ons to the latest version. If you’ve got a relatively simple add-on on AMO, we’re hoping to run a test-run of the new re-pack process soon and will be contacting you directly to see how we did.
  • Wes released the final RC for SDK 1.8 today; we’d love for you to test it out ans report back any issues you might find.

Quick Stats

Note: the stats above are based on the queries I linked to for each item. If you have suggestions on how these queries might be made more accurate,please comment below. Stats generated at 2012-06-19 09:19:52 PDT

Meeting Brief

  • No update from builder.
  • SDK: spinning final RC for 1.8 today, Will to add in some last minute docs changes.
  • Roundtable: the loader landed on mozilla-central today.

Full minutes are available here: