Jetpack Project: weekly update for July 10, 2012

Project News

  • We released Add-on SDK version 1.8.1 today to address a regression in 1.8. For all the gory details, head on over to the bug.
  • I did ta brown-bag presentation for the Mozilla interns in Mountain View yesterday on ‘why add-ons don’t suck’, that was recorded on Air Mozilla.
  • The Jetpack project is excited to welcome Erik Vold to the team! Erik is a long-time contributor and participant in the Jetpack Ambassadors program, and is now working for us full-time on the SDK from Victoria, BC.

Quick Stats

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Meeting Brief

  • Erik Vold joined the team!
  • SDK: releasing a 1.8.1 point release today to address bug 771825
  • we want to land the JS implementation of cfx, need to co-ordinate with Builder team to make sure that they are ready for this
  • discussions on cfx-js, persistent panels, module sharing proposal

Full minutes are available here: