Add-ons Update – Week of 2015/01/14

I post these updates every 3 weeks to inform add-on developers about the status of the review queues, add-on compatibility, and other happenings in the add-ons world.

The Review Queues

  • Most nominations for full review are taking less than 9 weeks to review.
  • 34 nominations in the queue awaiting review.
  • Most updates are being reviewed within 6 weeks.
  • 18 updates in the queue awaiting review.
  • Most preliminary reviews are being reviewed within 6 weeks.
  • 24 preliminary review submissions in the queue awaiting review.

Thanks to our volunteer reviewers, most new submissions are being handled within a day or so (the measurements above are based on the state of the queue and not the actual waiting times). We still have a large backlog of complex add-ons that require admin review, but we’re making progress in decreasing it.

If you’re an add-on developer and would like to see add-ons reviewed faster, please consider joining us. Add-on reviewers get invited to Mozilla events and earn cool gear with their work. Visit our wiki page for more information.

Firefox 36 Compatibility

The Firefox 36 compatibility blog post is up. The automatic AMO validation will be run in the coming weeks.

As always, we recommend that you test your add-ons on Beta and Firefox Developer Edition (formerly known as Aurora) to make sure that they continue to work correctly. End users can install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter to identify and report any add-ons that aren’t working anymore.


Electrolysis, also known as e10s, is the next major compatibility change coming to Firefox. In a nutshell, Firefox will run on multiple processes now, running each content tab in a different one. This should improve responsiveness and overall stability, but it also means many add-ons will need to be updated to support this.

We will be talking more about these changes in this blog in the near future. For now we recommend you start looking at the available documentation.

6 comments on “Add-ons Update – Week of 2015/01/14”

  1. David Rusu wrote on

    There seems to be something wrong with the daily users statistic, all of the addons I’ve looked at have 0 for the past few days:

    Are you guys aware of this?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Yes, the current stats are already recovered and we’re in the process of fixing the missing stats from last week.

  2. Nick wrote on

    Why isn’t the queue moving for the past couple of months?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      The queue is moving for most developers, actually. However, there’s some backlog of mostly admin-flagged add-ons that have been waiting for a long time. If you tell me which add-on you’re referring to, I can help you figure out what’s happening.

  3. Stephen wrote on

    Hi Jorge –

    You probably know this, but just in case thought I’d mention – the title for this update, which also is shown from the main hub page, is “.. week of 2014/01/14”. I’m just beginning to look in to add-on dev, so I’m not yet a regular visitor. When I saw this, at first it just seemed that there had likely been nothing new for a year (consider that I’m new to the dev hub).

    Anyway – thought I’d mention it, hope it’s not interpreted as criticism – contributors like you are what motivate people to get involved, to pursue knowledge and while it may sound corny, it’s truth.


    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Oops, thanks for pointing it out!