Friend of Marketplace & AMO: Swarnava Sengupta

Screenshot 2015-02-02 14.05.41Congratulations to our newest Friend of Marketplace & AMO, Swarnava Sengupta! Swarnava has been a Mozillian for three years, contributing to SUMO, QA, Marketing, Webmaker, as well as serving his fourth stint on the Featured Add-ons Board.

In January, Swarnava was our boots on the ground in India, helping to troubleshoot hard-to-duplicate issues with our most popular app, ConnectA2. This was a huge help not only to the developer, but to the many users of the app.

“I’m passionate about technology, I like the idea behind open source software and I was thinking about starting contributing to an open source project. Mozilla was the obvious choice, I knew it was one of the biggest open-source software projects and that it was very community-driven. I’m very excited about it especially having the chance to work with the various teams.”

Thanks to Swarnava for all his contributions!

We also wanted to recognize the top app reviewer last month, Viswaprasath, and top add-on reviewer, Teo. Together, they performed over 1,000 reviews!

The new contribution wiki for February is now available. Please be sure to report your contributions there, or even do it for another awesome contributor. There is a new guided project for the month, so feel free to work on it or add a project you’d like help on.