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Hi, I’m Your New AMO Editor

jetpackYou may have wondered who this “Scott DeVaney” is who posted February’s featured add-ons. Well it’s me. I just recently joined AMO as your new Editorial & Campaign Manager. But I’m not new to Mozilla; I’ve spent the past couple years managing editorial for Firefox Marketplace.

This is an exciting deal, because my job will be to not only maintain the community-driven editorial processes we have in place today, but to grow the program and build new endeavors designed to introduce even more Firefox users to the wonders of add-ons.

In terms of background, I’ve been editorializing digital content since 1999 when I got my first internet job as a video game editor for the now-dead That led to other editorial gigs at DailyRadar, AtomFilms, Shockwave, Comedy Central, and iTunes (before all that I spent a couple years working as a TV production grunt where my claim to fame is breaking up a cast brawl on the set of Saved by the Bell—The New Class; but that’s a story for a different blog.)

I’m sdevaney on IRC, so don’t be a stranger.

5 comments on “Hi, I’m Your New AMO Editor”

  1. Ken Saunders wrote on

    Welcome, er, I mean, nice to meet you.

    I volunteered for the Featured Add-ons Community Board once and enjoyed it.
    Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do it again, otherwise I certainly would.
    I recommend that others do it though. It’s a good way to contribute and give back to Mozilla and AMO (especially if your add-on has been featured), and you get a little sense of pride seeing the Featured add-ons on AMO that you helped to put there.

    1. ennie bird wrote on

      Thanks nead all the help i can get at this stage.look forward to com with you on help issus

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  4. Nino wrote on

    Congrats Scott!