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October 2016 Featured Add-ons

Firefox Logo on blue background

Pick of the Month: MailtoWebmails

by Noitidart
Now you can easily customize which Webmail client you want to use whenever you click a “mailto:” link, instead of being pushed to your default desktop email. Get completely set up in just a few simple steps.

“I searched repeatedly for a way to change from Gmail to inbox—this works like a treat.”

Featured: Messenger & Notifier for Facebook™

by glin, by Elen Norphen
Access Messenger right from the Firefox toolbar, and instantly receive notifications when you have inbound messages.

“Finally I can reply to messages without being distracted by the news feed! Thank you very much!”

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Featured add-ons are selected by a community board made up of add-on developers, users, and fans. Board members change every six months, so there’s always an opportunity to participate. Stayed tuned to this blog for the next call for applications. Here’s further information on AMO’s featured content policies.

If you’d like to nominate an add-on for featuring, please send it to mozilla-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org for the board’s consideration. We welcome you to submit your own add-on!

3 comments on “October 2016 Featured Add-ons”

  1. Cassandra McLaughlin wrote on

    Why do the ANIMATED Add-ons stop moving once I install them? Such a shame…..I simply ADORE them and just can’t figure out what’ the problem is. Too sad. Especially after the developer went to such trouble creating these little active gems, eh? UGH! Please help as I see many other users are having the SAME trouble. Please, can you fix this? To have something dynamic actually move on top of the screen is enchanting. Thank-You so much. Please try hard. All Love, Cassie

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Animated themes were supported for a while, but we had to drop support later on. That they work the first time they’re installed is a glitch in Firefox.

  2. Yunier J wrote on

    The Spanish version of post 😉