January’s Featured Add-ons

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Pick of the Month: Tile Tabs

by DW-dev
Display open tabs in a tile layout—arrange them however you like.

“Possibly the most amazing plugin ever. For a portrait monitor this is a must have. I split my social media pages so I can see them all at once, and split my two email accounts so I can see them at once.”

Featured: Emoji Cheatsheet

by Johann Hoffman
A simple search function helps you find the perfect emoji for any occasion.

“Works exactly as it says. Very simple interface and easy to use.”

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2 responses

  1. AJ Greene wrote on :

    Hi – I am an avid user of Tab Groups. I just got a notification from the developer that it will go away in November and will no longer be updated (because of WebExtensions and Firefox apparently forcing that on everyone in November) — so of course I can’t continue to use it. First, do you know of anything that we can use that will be similar? Moving everything to bookmarks is just a PainInTheB#%@ and it seems we just went through this when firefox dumped their own version of tabbed groups. So please help and let me know what else I can switch to …. Number 2 … why are you featuring an add-on, Tile-Tabs, that REQUIRES the use of Tabbed Groups, which is going away? I do not understand this. Again, please explain.
    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Scott DeVaney wrote on :

      Hi there. I concur—Tab Groups is a great add-on. It’s unfortunate it won’t be maintained beyond this November. In terms of a replacement recommendation, I’m afraid I haven’t encountered anything quite like it yet, but I’m certainly on the lookout.

      To your second question on why we’re featuring an add-on like Tile Tabs that isn’t a WebExtension (and thus won’t be compatible with Firefox later this year), this is a tricky editorial decision to make. The AMO team has had a few internal discussions about when, exactly, is the right time to stop featuring non-WebExtension content, and while the opinions are varied, the consensus is that right now is too early.

      For additional context, the developer of Tile Tabs actually has a WebExtension version of this add-on, but he explicitly stated he did not want it to be considered for featuring at this time.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for the questions!