Larger image support on

Last week, we pushed an update that enables add-on developers to use larger image sizes on their add-on listings.

We hadn’t updated our size limits for many years, so the images on listing pages are fairly small. The image viewer on the new website design scales the screenshots to fit the viewport, which makes these limitations even more obvious.

For example, look at this old listing of mine.

Old listing image on new site

The image view on the new site. Everything in this screenshot is old.

The image below better reflects how the magnified screenshot looks like on my browser tab.

All of the pixels


After this fix, developers can upload images as large as they prefer. The maximum image display size on the site is 1280×800 pixels, which is what we recommend they upload. For other image sizes we recommend using the 1.6:1 ratio. If you want to update your listings to take advantage of larger image sizes, you might want to consider using these tips to give your listing a makeover to attract more users.

We look forward to beautiful, crisper images on add-on listing pages.

2 comments on “Larger image support on”

  1. Tom Stowers wrote on

    Too much drama, in the future , I may be forced to use other webb browsers.

  2. basil wrote on

    I’d honestly you rather work on something important, like restoring the functionality we used to have before the great addondammerung. many creators WANT to port over their old work, but find that the current architecture won’t allow it.

    (and yep! still on esr, nope! not going to upgrade to the new version. when esr moves to the new system, i’m off to chrome unless you guys patch in some legacy support)