The New Thunderbird Add-ons Site is Now Live

As we announced last week,  SeaMonkey and Thunderbird add-ons will now reside on Add-ons for Firefox and Firefox for Android will remain on (AMO). We wanted to let you know that the split is now done and the new site is live.

If you run into any issues on the new site, you can file them here. For AMO, use this link instead. We’ve also set up an FAQ on the Mozilla Wiki explaining the reasons behind this move and providing some guidance for people looking for help on it.

6 comments on “The New Thunderbird Add-ons Site is Now Live”

  1. Kumul wrote on

    Are extensions easier to make too or are we still stuck with the horrible XUL?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Thunderbird add-ons are still using legacy technology (XUL), but there are some ideas for adopting something like WebExtensions in the future.

  2. Manfred Schlawne wrote on

    I’m Thunderbird user for a longer time. Since the last update to T. 52.9.1 I had trouble with Lightning and Provider for google calendar. Now L. is included but i have no access to google calendar (for me very important!). Trying to load the add on Provider to google calender I get the firefox message that P. fails. What do i in a wrong way???
    Thanks, best regards

  3. Ngamer01 wrote on

    I don’t know if this has been filed, but the split from AMO has broken all AMO features within Thunderbird. No add-ons can be updated automatically, addons can’t be searched within Thunderbird (but can be in Firefox/an internet browser), nor light themes can be installed in Thunderbird.

    Extensions can be manually downloaded from Firefox/an internet browser, but manually installed in Thunderbird. I just wish when the decision was made to split Thunderbird add-ons from AMO, to push a new Thunderbird update to swap all AMO specific features with the Thunderbird add-on site features.

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on

      You might want to open a new issue at to let the Thunderbird team know about these issues.

  4. Dev Pees wrote on

    Only that new version 60.0 of T/Bird has wiped half my add-on Exrensions and all but one Plugin.
    I imagine this is permanent but it means I cannot continue with T/Bird as my default mail program.