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August’s Featured Extensions

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Pick of the Month: Privacy Possum

by cowlicks
Protect yourself against some of the sneakiest trackers out there.

“Perfect complement for your privacy.”

Featured: Textmarker

by underflyingbirches
If you do a lot of text highlighting on webpages, this is a highly customizable tool with loads of fancy features like bookmarking, shortcut commands, save options, and more.

“This is the best text marker add-on under the new Firefox platform! It’s simple but also powerful, very flexible.”

Featured: Worldwide Radio

by Oleksandr
Enjoy live radio from more 30,000 local stations around the globe.

“Love it! Works as intended and I can listen to my favorite radio station in Australia!”

Featured: Transparent Standalone Images

by Jared W
For a clearer view of digital images, this simple but unique extension renders standalone images on transparent backgrounds.

“Oh my god, thank you. I was getting so tired of the white backgrounds around standalone transparent images. Bless you, works perfectly.”

Featured: ReloadMatic: Automatic Tab Refresh

by pylo
More than just another time-controlled tab reloader, ReloadMatic offers cache control, protection against reloading a page you may be in the midst of interacting with, and other nuanced features.

“I really appreciate the time you’ve spent developing this extension because it has far more functionality than the other reloading extensions I’ve tried since moving to [Firefox] Quantum.”

If you’d like to nominate an extension for featuring, please send it to amo-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org for the board’s consideration. We welcome you to submit your own add-on!