Extensions in Firefox 78

In Firefox 78, we’ve done a lot of the changes under the hood. This includes preparation for changes coming up in Firefox 79, improvements to our tests, and improvements to make our code more resilient. There are three things I’d like to highlight for this release:

  • When using proxy.onRequest, a filter that limits based on tab ID or window ID is now correctly applied. We’ve also greatly improved the performance of these filters. This could be useful for add-ons that want to provide proxy functionality in just one window.
  • Clicking within the context menu from the “all tabs” dropdown now passes the appropriate tab object. In the past, the active tab was erroneously passed.
  • When using downloads.download with the saveAs option set to true, the recently used directory is now remembered on a per-extension basis. For example, a user of a video downloader would benefit from not having to navigate to their videos folder every time the extension offers a file to download.

These and other changes were brought to you by Atique Ahmed Ziad, Tom Schuster, Mark Smith, as well as various teams at Mozilla. A big thanks to everyone involved in the subtle but important changes to WebExtensions in Firefox.

2 responses

  1. Juraj M. wrote on :

    So this concludes addon related features for the new Firefox ESR 78, right?

  2. Elijah Lopez wrote on :

    Still waiting for the https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addons update. It does not resemble the front page of the addons page. Why do I have to click MORE to go to the product page!? Instead of the title going to the /edit page why isn’t there a small “edit” button next to the title and then make the title go to the product page.