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New Extensions in Firefox for Android Nightly (Previously Firefox Preview)

Firefox for Android Nightly (formerly known as Firefox Preview) is a sneak peek of the new Firefox for Android experience. The browser is being rebuilt based on GeckoView, an embeddable component for Android, and we are continuing to gradually roll out extension support.

Including the add-ons from our last announcement, there are currently nine Recommended Extensions available to users. The latest three additions are in Firefox for Android Nightly and will be available on Firefox for Android Beta soon:

Decentraleyes prevents your mobile device from making requests to content delivery networks (i.e. advertisers), and instead provides local copies of common libraries. In addition to the benefit of increased privacy, Decentraleyes also reduces bandwidth usage—a huge benefit in the mobile space.

Privacy Possum has a unique approach to dealing with trackers. Instead of playing along with the cat and mouse game of removing trackers, it falsifies the information trackers used to create a profile of you, in addition to other anti-tracking techniques.

Youtube High Definition gives you more control over how videos are displayed on Youtube. You have the opportunity to set your preferred visual quality option and have it shine on your high-DPI device, or use a lower quality to save bandwidth.If you have more questions on extensions in Firefox for Android Nightly, please check out our FAQ. We will be posting further updates about our future plans on this blog.

4 comments on “New Extensions in Firefox for Android Nightly (Previously Firefox Preview)”

  1. R Lichtman wrote on

    It is a huge problem not to be able to block webfonts in webpages and use my system font vs. a site’s. Many sites look terrible on a phone. Chrome, and normal Firefox had a simple Setting Appearance Use/not use web fonts. Now it seems there is no way to do this – and I tried tinkering in about:config and the font setting cannot it seems be changed. I hate sites that use a serif font which makes all slow and difficult to read on a small phone screen. The Financial and NY Times both do this and I need to override and push to my sans serif font to read for work.

    Please find a way to enable us to override website fonts – far more important than some of the new wizzy features.

  2. Aaron wrote on

    Would love to see a translate addon

  3. Jona wrote on

    Please ad addon “Bandwidth hero”

  4. Andrew Ducker wrote on

    I’m blocked until au-revoir-utm and “Redirect AMP to HTML” are available.

    To me, the whole point of Firefox is the add-on ecosystem. Automatically updating people in a way that breaks their tools does not feel like a good user experience to me.