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August 31, 2010

Lazyweb, can I have compilers in js and python?

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For our l20n project, we’ll want to compile l20n source files into javascript. We want to do that both at compile time, and at runtime.

For runtime, I’ll need the compiler written in js by all chances, and for compile time, I’d rather go with python so that I don’t have build a HOST_JS or something. Of course, I don’t want to maintain two completely independent compiler implementations.

Thus I’m looking for code that can generate compilers in js and python, preferably itself in python or some other language we can use at build time, or at least use for one-off compilations.

Any tips?

February 5, 2010

L20n presentation at FOSDEM 2010

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I’ll be presenting at FOSDEM on l20n, the infrastructure that we’re hoping to move our localization efforts to. The talk will be in the Mozilla Developers room on Sunday, 13:15. The FOSDEM program might still give a Sunday morning time, that changed.

I’ll focus on what tools can do to help localizers to use the power that l20n brings, without making things totally obscure. I’ll start with a quick recap for those that are new to it, and then discuss the challenges that l20n brings, and how tools can help. I’ll also present first thoughts on how to communicate data describing languages between tools, using html5 and microdata.

See you in Brussels, not just for that talk, of course.

PS: I’ll be giving a lightning talk on the new l10n site, too.

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