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Coding Contribution Dashboards

The Metrics team has created two dashboards about coding activity that will help us grow the number of coding contributors and give us insight into where people may be running into roadblocks.

For example, we can look at these dashboards and see if someone who had been regularly active has stopped contributing. We could then reach out to that person and try to find out what might have happened.

Without this visibility into what’s going on inside the community, it is difficult to identify and recognize superstar contributors and there is no way to create a feedback loop that will let us find and fix problems.

Right now these dashboards aren’t public, so we’re just sharing screenshots (with the names of contributors blurred out). We are looking into making these dashboards public though.

Although these dashboards aren’t public yet, you can check out the Commits and Contributors dashboards hosted on Ohloh that contain similar information.

Part of the process of making these public is sharing screenshots for feedback, so please feel free to share any comments, suggestions or questions on this post or join us at next Thursday’s Grow Mozilla discussion.

One comment on “Coding Contribution Dashboards”

  1. Brian R. Bondy wrote on

    +1 for making these dashboards public.

    These dashboards are made up of data which is already public, and as you mentioned similar information is already available on Ohloh.

    I don’t see a good reason why they should not be made public, and therefore they should be made public 🙂

    The dashboards help the community by providing a new visualization which will enable Mozillian mentors to reach out to the right contributors.