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A Layer of Trust for the Mozilla Community

Mozilla’s primary contributor phonebook, has added a way for Mozilla-related sites and services to leverage the directory. The site is extending access and verification of vouched status on a per-Vouched-Mozillian basis. To use it, we’ve offered Vouched Mozillian Developers with an API key (accessible if you’re logged in to and Vouched) as well as the methods available right now.

Hurray! What does this mean to the Mozilla community though? Well, here is a little context:

There has been talk about how a Mozillian forum or a closed place to chatter would look like. Gerv wrote a post about how he feels the project needs to have a safe place to talk about important items within the Mozillian community. These topics can range from strategic initiatives we’re applying within the community, changes in our board to opinions made from our community about the current priorities and implementation of strategies of what we decide upon.

This API will help act as an authorization service for Mozillians to activate greater access to sites, tools and platforms across the community. Accessible to any Vouched Mozillian, it can determine if a certain e-mail address corresponds to a Vouched or Non-Vouched Mozillian. I’m excited to see what the developers in our community are able to do!

In the future, we plan to build more services that proliferate, in a privacy-aware manner, Mozillians contributor across sites, tools and platforms and create a much smaller and more involved community.

For questions or feedback on how to use the API, simply ask in our development forum.

2 comments on “A Layer of Trust for the Mozilla Community”

  1. Mike wrote on

    I hope Gerv reads this and explains to you why it’s not at all what he was talking about in any way whatsoever…

  2. Nikos Roussos wrote on

    Is there any documentation on how to use the API?