O’Reilly’s Pyramid and The Mission- from abstract to action

Don’t stop teaching me!

Mozillians are both hungry to teach, and hungry to learn.  This is evident in our culture and throughout the community.  And so, here’ s a little video from the ever-curious, ever-teaching, ever-learning Pascal Finette

Mozilla’s Mission through O’Reilly’s Pyramid

Picture this:  anyone in the project, who wants to learn something about the project can go to a specific Mozilla channel, search, browse and discover insights, how-to’s and tools that help you be successful.  That’s what the Capture Mozilla project is building- and we’re looking for your hearts, brains and voices to fill the channel.  So, join the movement and share your knowledge.  Think you can help in other ways?  Please post and share here, or submit your 3-5 minute video sharing something you believe will help another Mozillian be successful.  Because we’re hungry to learn from you…yes you!