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Capturing our Culture

Here is a Capture Mozilla video of two enthusiastic Mozilla 2012 Summer Interns telling us what it is like to be part of the Mozilla community. Video is a great way to document what programs are happening in our community and those individuals who help shape it.

A good practice when using a short video format to capture the impact people have with, from, in and on our community is to ask good questions. Here is a model we devised that may be of help to those wanting to use video for knowledge capture:

1.  Warm up questions – Ask the speaker a simple question that helps identify for the viewer who is speaking, and ask the speaker to share as many details as possible. Doing so gets the speaker loosened up and comfortable with talking through details.

2. Follow up – Ask a question that helps establish context for the viewer on why the speaker is  being interviewed. This helps prompt the viewer to know what is in it for them. Here, I asked the speakers to describe their roles in the Summer Internship Program.

3. Dig deeper – Ask a question that will help the viewer connect more intimately with the film subject (both the speaker-subject and the subject-matter of your film). Here, I asked for each speaker to share a “moment of glory” so that the viewer sees the impact of being a Mozilla Intern.

4.  Offer – Once you think the viewer and speaker share a connection,  ask a question that helps the speaker offer something particular to the viewer (advise, perspective, facts, etc…). Remember, the video helps subsequent conversations start from a place of better understanding.

5. Cool down – Optional. This last step may serve as a moment of closure for your video. You can choose to be practical, serious, playful, ground-breaking, what-ever. Note: since the question acts as closure to the video, it should still be connected to the subject.

Feedback is always welcomed!

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  1. Nukeador wrote on


    It would be nice the video to be in a open format such as webm, so Firefox would be able to reproduce it directly from the post 😉


  2. dianderson wrote on

    Nukeador, Feliz Año Nuevo!

    Let me know if the vid from The Capture Mozilla Channel on Air Mozilla works better for you:

    I will update the format of the video on this blog very soon.