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Introducing the Mozillians API

As a Mozillian, you can expect an even better experience on Mozilla sites in the near future. Our Mozillians directory for both paid and core volunteer staff can now connect Mozilla-related sites and services to profile data as an extension to our first “vouched-status” API offering. For example, we can now offer different access levels to content on Air Mozilla using Mozillians credentials.

Built with privacy in mind, you can control access to your Mozillians data in the Services panel via Profile Settings, so you can choose how other Mozilla sites interact with your profile. If you are a developer and want to request access to use the API, instructions are available on the Services panel via your Phonebook Profile Settings.

We’re excited to see what our community of developers can come up with. In addition to Air Mozilla, our main e-mail communication platform plans to have more finely tuned contact lists centered around location, groups and skills inputted by users of the Mozillians Phonebook thanks to the new API. This will allow us to better communicate news and announcements with groups, regions and teams, and keep our mailings up-to-date. These uses and many more in the future will help create a much closer and more involved community.

For questions or feedback on how to use the API, simply ask in our developer forum.