Using Video to Document

Video can be a great way of documenting the processes involved in making an idea reality. Since Capture Mozilla aims to make implicit knowledge explicit, video is a good resource show how a project unfolds over time. A project does not have to be complete to capture the  valuable learning that is happening right now. Your approach may help someone else get their idea moving.

MozApp ScreenShot

Above is a video project that started 2 months ago at MozCamp Singapore (16-18 November 2012). This video was made on 7 December. The release date, though later than I would have liked, compliments the wonderful activity happening with Firefox OS App Days. The Kenyan, Pilipino, and Indian communities are just some of the the communities meeting with great success during last weekend’s App Day and whose designs are featured in the video.

Do you have any projects you want to start documenting today?