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about:events | February 18 – February 24

about:events is a weekly round-up of upcoming events published every weekend. Here’s what’s happening next week:


Feb 19 – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
What is Mozilla? And do they work on something else apart from Firefox? These questions and many more are answered by Aleksandar Savic at Mozilla Intro in Sarajevo. He will also show you how easy it is to make the web more open by contributing to Mozilla. During the last event, the attendees even managed to translate Firefox OS, the upcoming operating system for mobiles, into Bosnian – within a single day!

Feb 21 – Zürich, Switzerland
Usually, Firefox is as quick as a fox and runs very smooth. But sometimes, it can have a few hiccups. But if you have a problem with your favorite browser, don’t worry! In the Brasserie Federal at the central station in Zürich, Michael Kohler and his team will help you. No matter if you need help with Firefox or Thunderbird, or if you want to find out more about Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox: At MozCoffee Switzerland, we’ll be excited to talk with you.

North America

Feb 21 – In over 10 cities in Mexico
There are about 6,900 languages around the world, and according to UNESCO, half of the world’s languages may become extinct by year 2100. The Translathon project aims to save the indigenous language from dying out – and you can help us. If you know any Mayan languages like Tsotsil, Wixarika or Zapoteco, you can join us on the 21st of February in more than 10 cities in Mexico, because one language is never enough! (Or “Jun k’op mauk ja’ no’ox”, as someone who speaks the Tzotzil language would say.)

Feb 22-24 – Los Angeles, United States
For many Mozillians, Linux is definitely their operating system of choice. If you are one of them, we have good news for you: The eleventh annual Southern California Linux Expo hosts more than 100 exhibitors this year, along with presenting more than 70 speakers. A few Mozillians will be participating too by hosting a Mozilla Booth, so visit them at SCALE 11x.


Feb 23 – Manado, Indonesia
Next weekend, Mozillians from all over Sulawesi Utara in Indonesia will get together for their very first offline meetup: MozKopDarManado. At the Black Canyon Coffee in Manado, they will talk about Firefox and Firefox OS.

Feb 23 & 24 – Kathmandu, Nepal
For community leaders in South Asia and paid staff from across the world, Mozilla South Asia 2013 will be a huge success again! They will meet for three days of presentations, breakout sessions and discussions focused on road map planning for each existing local community. This will ensure that the regional communities are fully aligned with greater engagement efforts across the Mozilla organization.

Event Photo of the Week

SLWContributors from Slovenia at the first community meeting.

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