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Recognizing and Rewarding Mozillians

Mozilla GearNeed to recognize someone’s awesome efforts, get stickers to hand out at an event you’re attending, or enhance a campaign with a special gift? Here’s a new easy way to do just that: the gear request process is now live on bugzilla.

Where do I request gear?
Instead of emailing, all of your requests, including custom gear, should be placed through this bugzilla form. Orders are approved based on the guidelines for approved uses and conversion points (determined by each contribution area). If you have any questions on whether an order follows these guidelines, contact your Team Gear Coordinator or Steward.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are a volunteer who needs gear for an event or project, you should continue to use the existing Mozilla Reps process for requesting gear. Volunteers should only be placing orders on this form with the intention of recognizing their fellow Mozillians.

Recognize a Fellow Mozillian

Gear for Events, Sponsorships, etc


bugzilla form

bugzilla form


bugzilla form

Mozilla Reps process

Where can I place orders for my personal use?
At this time, personal requests for yourself, friends, or family cannot be approved. We are looking into the possibility of a public facing store where Mozilla gear can be purchased, but it’s not available yet. If you would like gear for personal use, you can donate to the Foundation for an awesome Mozilla t-shirt.

Where do I find information about gear?
The gear wiki is the gateway to information about gear, from approved uses and what’s available to how to submit your gear requests.

How will I get my gear?
Once a request has been placed and approved, we will determine whether to fill it from your Mozilla space (if you have one) for pick-up or shipped from Staples. You will be notified how your gear request will be handled.

How do I get my onboarding gear?
We are finalizing the process for getting new hires a special package of Mozilla gear. Once all the details have been confirmed, you will receive more information on how to get your gear.

Have a question? You can contact the Gear Team at or on IRC at #mozgear.