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Mozilla Reps Get Raves at MWC

Mozilla created such a positive vibe at the Mobile World Congress last month and a lot of the anecdotes from people who went to the Firefox OS booth indicated very engaging encounters with Mozilla folks there.

And it’s really not a surprise given that several Mozilla Reps were in the forefront of those positive feedback– Reps from the Mozilla Hispano and Mozilla Brasil communities were at the MWC event floor giving demos, explaining the new OS, and actively conversing with visitors.

Guillermo Lopez (Spain), Rubén Martín (Spain),  Arturo Martinez (Venezuela), Gloria Meneses (Colombia), and Ricardo Pontes (Brazil) all received stellar reviews from media, event visitors, and Mozillians alike, as they demonstrated how volunteers and Reps can bring energy and enthusiasm even in huge undertakings like the Firefox OS global launch.

The group created a video for fellow Reps, but it also shows everyone how happy they were to do their part and contribute in a way not a lot of people thought was possible before (Mitchell Baker even has a cameo):

Mozilla Reps at MWCMitchell sums it up perfectly as she highlights the importance of “empowerment of people all over” to help make Firefox OS an MWC hit. And the Mozilla Reps contributing at the event are just a great example of such empowerment.

5 comments on “Mozilla Reps Get Raves at MWC”

  1. Ioana Chiorean wrote on

    Congrats to all of them! I am so proud to be part of this huge familly, Mozilla Reps!

    1. Regnard Raquedan wrote on

      Hey! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  2. Nukeador wrote on

    Reps from Mozilla Hispano and Mozilla Brasil 😉

    1. Regnard Raquedan wrote on

      Hi Nukeador!

      Thanks for pointing that out. The post has been updated. 😀

  3. Caspy7 wrote on

    Nice cameo Christian. Very subtle.