Alone in a Crowd – Asking for help with your Knowledge Capture

None of us are alone.  I know, I know, Duh.  We work in a open culture of participation.  Chalk full of tribes, crowd sourcing, sharing, and cheering each other on.  And then, sometimes we feel alone.

Last week we hosted our second video sprint for the Capture Mozilla project.  At the end of the morning, when everyone had a nice little story board done the question was: What’s next?

Since we only had limited time, our group decided to use the time together to workshop their stories and save shooting for completing over the next few weeks.

Story boarding was great.  Full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge of the individuals in the group.  But when it came to the end, a quiet malaise hovered over the land.  Basically, the vibe died.

Why you ask?

Answer: many assumed they had to go off and complete their videos ALONE!  Bummer!

No no!  Get help.  Find someone who can say, “Sure!  I”ll hold you’re camera.” or “Imovie? Easy!  I can help you with that!”

Too often we get support and rally the crowd to support our cause, or our vision, but not ourselves.  Capture Mozilla is a great opportunity for us to ask for help, personally.

So go out and ask for help sharing with the community what YOU know, and don’t do it alone.



A quick note about making and publishing video for Capture Mozilla:  Having knowledge to share and having the ability to capture it, often are very separate talents.  But, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Hollywood or Bollywood director to make a Capture Mozilla Video.  Just capture something using the tools you have. You can find some help here at the bottom of the wiki.

We’re using the Air.Mozilla platform now, and working on ways to make it easy to publish and track video so you can do more without finding help.  For now. just make a video and email it to  Just keep it short, sweet and all about empowering the watcher.

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