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We’ll always have Paris – Summit 2013

We’ll always have Paris (Casablanca)

I’ve been at an offsite with the amazing Mozilla People Team all week.  Always a win when I can spend actual time with my tribe (looking into their eyeballs :)).  Like so many Mozillians, I primarily interact with the people I work with via IRC (#peoplepeople), email or over some other video software.  So, this was good stuff.

What hasn’t been going so well for me is Paris.  Turns out, as I’ve said in prior posts, Paris is a very popular city – especially in October -particularly, the weekend of October 4-6th, 2013.  Experience is very important for the Summit and right now, because we can’t seem to find the right space for Mozilla (hotels and for the event), we’ve looking elsewhere.  The goal for each Summit location is for Mozillians to feel connected; for all of us to have great space to hack, socialize, share, exchange, showcase, eat, drink, enjoy one another.   And, if that can’t happen in Paris, just as we’d like, what else is possible?

And, for what it’s worth, we are loving the Santa Clara Marriott for the Bay Area, CA Summit venue (there’s an amusement park across the street!).

Will keep everyone posted over the next week, as we get clearer on this.  The Summit Planning Assembly will still happen in Paris.

#summit2013 for questions (IRC).  Mardi


2 comments on “We’ll always have Paris – Summit 2013”

  1. Takeshi Hamasaki wrote on

    > And, if that can’t happen in Paris, just as we’d like, what else is possible?

    How about Lyon?
    My wife has experience to live in France and she told me it’s very difficult to find a venue now for a big event to be held in Octover, like Mozilla Summit. Lyon is 2nd city in France, still has good access, and hotels, according what she told me.

    1. mdouglass wrote on

      Thank you Takeshi,
      We have expanded our search to a handful of great European cities so we’ll take a look at Lyon. Will keep everyone posted. Mardi