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Post Summit blog

Would you believe it’s been almost a month since the Summit? Seems like forever ago in some ways and only yesterday in others. Either way, the memories are our to keep forever, the feelings of inspiration and pride about Mozilla and our place in the world persist, and the relationships that began and/or flourished during those three days are everlasting.

And so, in an attempt to help keep the spirit of the Summit alive, we’ve built a blog. We’ll use it to share post-Summit content and as a curated hub for Summit media (so you can find it.) From time to time, we’ll send an email digest to this group so you know when new content is posted.

Here’s a summary of what you will find on the blog now:

Partial Wrap : How do you say thank you to 2,000 Mozillians? This post is our attempt to do just that. There’s also a long list of post-Summit blog posts by Mozillians – all sharing their reflections on the event.

Feedback Survey Results:  The results are in. We’ve posted a visual summary here.

We miss you all,
The Summit Team.