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Capture of Summit 2013 Fairs

It is incredible how the Mozilla community is made of so many smaller communities all over the world, connected by a common mission. At the same time, it can be hard for one to wrap their mind around just how big Mozilla really is – it seems as though Mozilla is in every country.

The Fairs at Summit 2013 were designed as a way for all of us to share and learn about the cultures and projects that make up the Mozilla community. The World Fair was a way for Mozillians to showcase where they come from and what they do. The Innovation Fair was a way for Mozillians to showcase cool projects they are working on.

Mozsummitfairs13_brussels_romaniaMozsummitfairs13_runonffos Mozsummitfairs13_crashstats Mozsummitfairs13_indonesia

Such valuable information about the amazing people who make Mozilla what it is needed to be captured. Myself and a team of photographers set out to do that. We weren’t able to capture everything, so feel free to add your photo for booths without one.

Photos from the World Fair.

Photos from the Innovation Fair.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!