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Jean-Claude Van Damme loves Mozilla

TintinI’m making that up of course.

Brussels is home to Tintin (image on the right), a chocolate museum (Mozilla tour please), and Fosdem,  giant Open Source event.)  It’s the capital of the European Union and the likely host of the Mozilla Summit 2013 (it’s also the birth place of Jean-Claude!)

Yes, after an amazing search for just the right spot for the third Summit location, we are focusing our attention to Brussels, Belgium.  The event venue we have our eye on is called The Square.  Check it out, seems spot on for Mozilla (creative, colorful, fun.)  We will have about 5 hotels (rather than one large one like we’ll have in Toronto and in Santa Clara.)  Here’s a map of where they all sit relative to the event space — each walking distance from it.  Think Olympic Village.  And, the best news is that Brussels is 1.5 hours from Paris, 2 from London and close to many others by train.

Next up, invitations.  Volunteers who have been selected to attend the 2013 Summit will receive email notification on May 20th.  The email will be linked to a list of assigned venues by person.  There will also be an option to participate in a lottery to attend an alternative Summit location (somewhere other than where you were assigned.)  We will select about 10% of the group (~90 people) to attend an alternative site by the end of May.

As for staff, we will kick off the site-selection process the last week in May.  Most of Mozilla’s staff will know where they are headed prior to the Planning Assembly (June 14th).

We are aiming for official registration to kick off in early July after which time we’ll start booking travel and hotels and kicking off any immigration proceedings that need to be proceeded.

As always, if you need anything or have questions, please ping me on IRC #summit2013.

4 comments on “Jean-Claude Van Damme loves Mozilla”

  1. Dino wrote on

    Mardi, I think Brussels is right on. Good location, and the venue is pretty stellar. I think hosting it here would be a wonderful way to bring visibility to our efforts, especially in the heart of a cosmopolitan city. Great work.

    1. mdouglass wrote on

      Thanks Dino. I’m pretty excited about it and I agree the space looks great! If you’re still around and up for a train-ride, you’re welcome to join us on Monday the 17th.

      1. Winnie wrote on

        Brussels sound amazing. I will be around on Monday so maybe I can also take a train ride and join you guys?

  2. Yofie Setiawan wrote on

    I will be joining this Brussels for Mozilla Summit 2013, see you all guys there 😀