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How to tell a Mozillian you love them.

Last week I visited the beautiful city of my birth, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The purpose of my trip was to visit three potential Summit sites, including a large convention space (because two of the hotels we had our eye one did not have actual event space).

Our first stop was the convention space.  It’s was an old building inside of the Exhibition grounds where I spent many summers.  The space was huge and sterile and certainly not for us.  I could tell right away it just wasn’t right.

And, neither were two of the hotels.

And, then we got to the Sheraton and here’s what was waiting for us:

IMG_2271 IMG_2283 IMG_2276 IMG_2278 IMG_2289

A lot of foxes, everywhere, all over, as we toured the hotel.   Not only was the space amazing, but these guys just got it.  In every way.  Plus, this hotel is a few blocks from our amazing Toronto space!  I was very happy with the experience and am certain the folks who travel to  Toronto for the Summit will be in for a treat.

2 comments on “How to tell a Mozillian you love them.”

  1. Bob Reyes wrote on

    Can we have the specs on how the mascot suit was built? 😀

    1. Kensie Connor wrote on

      It looks like a standard Fox costume.

      I’ve been a fan of that Sheraton for years. The kids had weekend classes in Toronto when we still lived up north. When Mike (mconnor) would come back from a Mozilla trip the kids and I would often take the bus to Toronto and stay at this Sheraton so he didn’t have to drive up and back after his flight. So I already have some great Mozilla related memories tied to this hotel and am looking forward to making so many more!