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My old boss once told me my greatest value was an ability to deftly move from very tactical left brain exercises like connecting systems and solving data issue to highly creative right brain ones like copy-writing and program design.  She called me a utility player.

Planning the Summit, most days, takes all of my brain (left, right, center, back, top, bottom).  It’s fairly thrilling that way with its little bits of everything from budget math to figuring out just the right color for t-shirts.  The Summit keeps my brain happy, challenged, and fresh.  Most days anyway – just not today.

Today my right brain needs a rest.  I guess that’s my long-winded way of asking for forgiveness for what will simply be a tactical update.  My plan this week (today) is to publish staff Summit destinations.  I will post this long list internally first, to allow a few days for corrections, and then I will share it more broadly next week.

Summit travel booking will begin soon as well, ideally next week.  There are a few contracts to line up before we can start but I’m hopeful we will have all resolved by then.

Travel will be booked through a single agency that will work in connection with our event management company.  Having a single point for these details (travel, accommodations, etc.) will make all of our lives easier.  Mozilla will cover the cost for invitee air or train travel arriving on Thursday, October 3rd and departing Monday, October 7th (accommodations covered the evenings of October 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.)  Should you want to extend your trip and additional cost will be up to you.  Our travel folks will be able to help.

Travel booking (air and train) will happen in waves rather than simply opening the floodgates.  I will make a global announcement next week but it will likely be by destination (i.e. those headed to Toronto go first, followed by Brussels).  Doing this will ease the burden on the agency and provide us with the best possible support.

For anyone requiring a visa for the Summit, I’ll plan to have a Google form ready to collect your details by the middle of July, when official registration is set to launch.

And there you have it all.  Left-brain tactics – my right brain thanks you.  As always, contact your fellow Summit-goers and me on IRC #summit2013.



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  1. Meteor wrote on

    Here have the detail of the summit 2013.

  2. Yash Shah wrote on

    Eagerly Waiting for an announcement for Visa 🙂