2 comments on “Milestone: Announcement of project that will become Firefox OS”

  1. Robert Kaiser wrote on

    That morning, before I even got out of bed (as I tend to get up pretty late and work late), I did get a call from a local journalist I had once met, asking me about this new effort of Mozilla to build a mobile OS. As the post just had gone out during the European night and without any prior internal discussion (we are doing our stuff in the open, after all, even having ideas happens in the open), I had no idea what he was asking about. I eventually had him call me back an hour or two later, so that I could read up on it before I was saying anything, and then very much emphasized that this was an experiment of a few developers to try and see how much we could do with such an open boot-into-the-web system, and that wasn’t going to be a product that people could use any time soon – again, just an experimental project to test the waters.

    Who would have thought that we’d have Geeksphones being sold to people with this OS on it, just two years later, and consumer phones just slightly later?

  2. Michael Kelly wrote on

    Interestingly, earlier that month was when I was the first (at least as far as we’ve been able to determine) person to get married at Mozilla. Potch is a registered minister with the Universal Life Church (a registration that he renewed 15 minutes before the “ceremony”), and Greg Koberger served as a witness.

    After a careful 2 seconds consideration, we decided to hold the ceremony in 3G Get to the Choppa, which we temporarily renamed 3G Get to the Chapel. Halfway through the 10-minute ordeal, the minister’s phone rang, to which he responded by taking the call, shouting “I CAN’T TALK, I’M MARRYING PEOPLE!”, and subsequently hanging up.

    Once the paperwork was completely filled out, we kissed, threw an origami bouquet, and went to a pleasant lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Palo Alto.

    Photo evidence of the event: http://noodlephotos.balwiki.com/gallery/test_album/wedding?format=raw