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  1. Curtis Koenig wrote on :

    This was a really fun time, I had just joined the project a few weeks before in late Feb and I can remember the excitement of shipping. While I had shipped software before I had left the software development side of things for a corporate IT style job so getting back to actually releasing something to users was a big thrill. It was a bit odd watching all of this remotely and really wishing I had been in the office to enjoy it with all my coworkers but I had a mini-party with friends. This was all tempered a few weeks later with the all hands and a great celebration.
    The rapid release model was also a big and welcome change for security, as it meant we would have more options to get fixes into user hands at a faster rated and not have to ship special or “chemspill” releases. It’s been 2 years and 7 months since I started and it’s been great to have this event so close to the start of my journey with the project!

  2. dboswell wrote on :

    On IRC Myk mentioned that this change in how we released software was really a return to rapid release. Early on in the project before Firefox, there were regular milestone releases. I don’t think they were shipping on a specific schedule, but the releases came out roughly every few weeks. You can see the release history at