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Meet an MDN Contributor: Heather Bloomer

Headshot photo of Heather Bloomer

Heather Bloomer started contributing to Mozilla in November 2014, initially on SUMO. There, she saw a link to MDN, and realized she could contribute there as well. So, she is a “crossover” who contributes to helping both end-users and developers. She has been heavily involved in the Learning Area project, writing and editing Glossary entries and tutorials. She describes her contributions as “a continuing journey of enlightenment and an overall awesome experience.”

Here’s more from Heather:

I feel what I do on MDN has personally enhanced my writing skills and expanded my technical knowledge. I also feel I am making a positive impact in the MDN community and for developers that refer to MDN from beginners to advanced. That is an amazing feeling to be part of something bigger than yourself and grow and nurture not only ones self, but others as well.

My advice for new contributors is to just reach out and connect with the MDN community. Join the team and just dig in. If you need help on getting started, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction. We are friendly, supportive, encouraging and a team driven bunch of folks!

Thanks, Heather!

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  1. Eric Shepherd wrote on

    Huzzah! Thank you indeed, Heather!

    1. Heather wrote on

      You’re very welcome!