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Q3 Objectives for the Participation Team

After weeks of meetings and planning the Participation Team has decided on six objectives to focus on this quarter.

Each of these objectives was chosen for it’s ability to bring us closer to our 2015 goal: Demonstrate that participation brings strategic advantage to Mozilla’s key product and functional goals.

Here are our six objectives for Q3 and the key results for each:

1. Firefox OS Ignite Initiative has a great, validated community program design

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  • KR1 – Long-term FirefoxOS community program design
  • KR2 – 50 weekly users of updated Foxfooding tools
  • KR3 – 100 weekly contributors on ‘beta’ community collaboration platform
  • KR4 – 5 “test” events for in-person contribution and community building

2. Mozilla and Firefox brand building efforts in Germany  boosted by larger and stronger community

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  • KR1 – Specific areas of contribution and participation measures defined jointly by participation and engagement teams
  • KR2 – 10 new community leaders/organizers recruited and on-boarded
  • KR3 – Events with a total of 1,000 attendees for the purpose of growing community and building issue support

3. Our Indian community is successfully contributing to Fennec with “local” strategy in mind

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  • KR1- 25 contributors active and committed on Fennec projects
  • KR2 – Articulation of strategic opportunities/options for bringing local advantage to Fennec

4. Systematize support for ReMo and communities of focus

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  • KR1 – ReMo + region/country of focus + partnership performance profile, dashboard and review process is developed and implemented
  • KR2 – Medium-term planning process in 3 communities is developed and tested
  • KR3 – Coaching methods and process for community leaders is systematized

5. Launch the basics of a refreshed leadership development program

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  • KR1 – Basic first iteration of “Foundations of Mozilla” curriculum is developed and tested
  • KR2 – Volunteer selection for MozFest, Leadership Summit and Orlando Work Week is strategic and builds trust with volunteer communities, by designing, executing and systematizing a process
  • KR3 – Outline and plan for a Leadership Summit to be held in late 2015 or early 2016

6. Cross-Mozilla Participation Technology Group is formed and aligned on goals and key questions

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  • KR1 – Participation Technology Group is formed and trust is built through delivering a first draft of user stories and technology options
  • KR2 – 7 of 9 Mozillians next and Reps abstraction projects delivered

We work in three week sprints called “heartbeats” and you can follow along with each of these projects on GitHub to see what we will be working on for the next three weeks.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Team members also have individual projects and objectives that aren’t directly related to these team objectives. You can read about the other projects we’re working on here.

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