Creating the New Mozilla Logo – We Need YOUR Help

Every interaction people have with Mozilla is an opportunity to help them understand who we are and why our mission matters. To make the most of these moments, we’re creating a new Mozilla logo that will represent our values and help communicate the story of our brand. (If you’re new to this project I recommend reading the overview and a couple of earlier blog posts to get caught up on the strategy.)

Of course, an essential element of this brand story is the open source philosophy that Mozilla is built on. We know that projects are improved by participation and transparency, so it’s of the utmost importance that any effort to visually represent what we stand for include the community every step of the way. This logo will belong to all Mozillians, and its creation process must reflect that.

We’ve been posting updates during the early concepting phase, and will share more specific ideas for your feedback as things take shape. But before then, I do have one very important ask for everyone reading this: please give us your input on what you’d like to get out of this process.

I’ve put together a quick survey that will help us understand how the new logo will be used, and what the Mozilla community’s visual identity needs are. It will only take a few minutes to complete, and the information will be invaluable to making sure we’re providing the right solutions to the right problems.

Here’s that survey link again: please take it!

We’ve put together a short video to provide additional perspective on why community participation is so crucial to the success of this logo project:

You don’t have to a designer or a branding expert to participate in this. All input is helpful, and all ideas are appreciated. This logo will belong to all of us…let’s make it awesome together!

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  1. Dipesh Monga wrote on :

    I am Enthusiastic in taking part in it. By the way Where to submits the designs ?


    1. John Slater wrote on :

      Thanks Dipesh! I’ll be posting about more ways to participate soon.


  2. afsheen nazish wrote on :

    we love to have new logo.


  3. Mubasheer C K wrote on :

    It is a really nice thought designing new logo for mozilla. We all will love it. And I really wanted to be a part of it.


    1. John Slater wrote on :

      Thank you! I’ll be posting more about the project soon.


  4. fachrul razy wrote on :

    I was wondering if we could change the iconic logo (the dinosaur) and could we suggest some designs too? and if we can, where we can submit our design?


    Fachrul – PNUP Firefox Club


    1. John Slater wrote on :

      Hi Fachrul. The dinosaur isn’t going away…it will still be available for community use like it is now. I’ll be posting more about the project and participation soon.



  5. Deepak Krishnan P.R wrote on :


    John Slater how i can get involve in designing phases of Mozilla.

    where i get the guidance.

    Awaiting reply

    Deepak Krishnan P.R


    1. John Slater wrote on :

      Hi Deepak. Keep reading this blog for more information…the main thing we need help with is understanding what the community’s needs are. What would be the most helpful set of assets for you to work with as you do your work?

      I’ll also email you and the person on my team who is coordinating other contribution opportunities.


  6. Aleksandar Kostadinov wrote on :

    What’s wrong with the dinosaur head?


    1. John Slater wrote on :

      We decided a few years ago that a ferocious dinosaur was not the ideal symbol for an organization that prides itself on innovation and doing good in the world. The dino lives on in our community-related assets but otherwise has been retired as the public-facing symbol for Mozilla.


  7. Aleksandar Kostadinov wrote on :

    Ok, here’s your new logo then [1][2].

    This kind of thing is a living brand IMO. This is connecting you to your roots and adds a lot of cool factor. Logo should make you cool, otherwise it’s time lost. Of course your designers can do a lot better than me. The point is to make your existing living brand more meaningful by toning down on ferocious and adding some coolness.

    [2] I’m the author and I’m ready to give you all necessary permissions to use it ūüėé


  8. kenny wrote on :

    Put a Mohawk on Godzilla……mozilla


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