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We’re hosting an IoT sprint weekend this September. Here’s what to expect — and why you should participate

We’re living in a world where physical objects are quickly becoming conduits for something more genius than their original functions, and there is great opportunity for innovation in this Internet of Things (IoT) space. Innovations like your coffee maker starting up when your alarm goes off or your umbrella lighting up when it’s going to rain that day are changing the way we all live, work, learn, and play.

Photo from a Mozilla IoT week in Scotland

Photo from a Mozilla IoT week in Scotland

These opportunities for innovation are even greater in gigabit cities like Chattanooga where our super-fast network allow for dozens (or hundreds!) of connected devices to operate simultaneously and to deliver real time big data. Our gigabit work at Mozilla is based on the belief that open, innovative technology can make learning more immediate, equitable, and immersive through next-generation technology.

Photo from an Mozilla IoT event in Berlin, Germany

Photo from an Mozilla IoT event in Berlin, Germany

With that in mind, Mozilla’s Hive Chattanooga, in collaboration with The Company Lab, is hosting 48Hour Launch: Internet of Things (IoT) Edition, on September 9-11. 48Hour Launch is a weekend-long competition that challenges teams of entrepreneurs and specialists to spend 48 hours transforming a startup concept into a viable business model, prototype, policy proposal, or piece of curriculum. The experience culminates with a Demo Night, where participants debut their work for a chance to win cash prizes, free business services, and a free trip to MozFest in London.

We’re looking for ideas that harness the power of high-speed internet to develop applications involving connected devices. Eight selected teams will work on their innovative IoT concepts and receive support from expert mentors in development, design, curriculum development, communications, policy, and other key fields. We are excited to see applications from all types of professional backgrounds, including educators, entrepreneurs, designers, open source advocates as well as people who are just beginning to dig into the gigabit and IoT worlds.

An interested team could be:

    • An educator with an idea for how connected devices can be used in his classroom
      • What he gets from weekend: recruit a team to help him build an initial prototype as well as support to help turn his idea into an IoT/gigabit curriculum
    • A startup IoT business
      • What they get from the weekend: Mozilla expertise to help them develop their business idea in an open way, educator advisors to help them dream about how their business could find a new audience in the classroom
    • A technologist with a vision for a new connected device
      • What she gets from the weekend: a plan to turn the vision into a business idea, technical experts to help build a prototype, educational advisors to explore how this concept could be put to use in learning spaces

All teams will:

  • Benefit from Co.Lab’s network of experts
  • Learn from Mozilla’s designers, developers, open source advocates and globally-recognized IoT experts
  • Have the support of local education experts and Mozilla’s learning leaders to explore how their innovations could be put to using in learning spaces
  • Get “stuff” to play with
  • Shape the future of IoT innovation and implementation by exploring how gigabit networks make possible smart and connected communities

Interested? Looking forward to jumping into this intersection of gigabit + IoT? Need an excuse to visit a world-class outdoor adventure destination? Apply here by August 26 and join Mozilla as we share our commitment to and expertise in open source practices, web literacy, and digital inclusion in an incredible local event.

If you have questions, please contact Katie Hendrix – katieh (at) – and she would be happy to speak with you. Look forward to seeing y’all in Chattanooga in September!

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