Chattanooga Spring Projects

The following three projects have been awarded the first ever Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund grants in Chattanooga.  We’ll be posting project news and updates often over the course of the 12-week pilot period so that you can stay up-to-date with these exciting pilots!

Remote Audio Mixing / Chattanooga Music Resource Center: Remote Audio Mixing (“RAM”) is a collaborative, cloud-based music education app.  RAM allows both professional musicians and aspiring student musicians to manipulate multi-track audio recordings in a simple, intuitive interface on any device.  A beta of this application will be piloted with the Chattanooga Public Library and with music classes at Barger Academy of Fine Arts, a local public elementary school.  Web | Blog | Video

Hyperlocal Hyperaudio / Hyperaudio: Hyperaudio is an audio/video in-browser remixing platform that invites anyone to create their own new media narratives using locally produced content.  In partnership with the Chattanooga Public Library, the Hunter Museum of American Art, the Public Education Foundation, and the Chattanooga History Center, Hyperaudio has teamed up with local content providers in Chattanooga to develop a content remixing curriculum with measurable educational outcomes for both informal and formal learning environments. Web | Blog | Video

Viditor / GeonCode:  Viditor is an online video editor entirely based in the cloud and composed of modern and open web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JQuery, and more.  Viditor, created by two University of Tennessee at Chattanooga students, makes advanced, collaborative video editing available to everyone.  Viditor’s beta launch will be piloted with digital art and design classes at Baylor School and at the Chattanooga Public Library’s teen center. Web | Blog | Video

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