Project Midterms – the view (and report) from the front lines

Last week marked the midway point for the Gigabit Fund’s first round projects. In KC, we marked this milestone with an event at Google Fiber Space during 1 Week KC, and delivered a public report-out on our progress.

Each of the KC projects presented their update via demo, Prezi or video, where they shared their humble origin stories with anecdotes on where they are and where they’re going to a room full of curious Kansas Citians.  Gigabit relevancy is a hard case to make, but when 1, 2, 3, 4 groups show you exactly how they’ve turned (and are turning) a gig into a deliverable medium for an educational program, the point is made.   And yields applause.

I was incredibly proud of this cohort for standing tall, banding together and being open with their projects regardless of the slow start (process is not always fun).

Each team has faced challenges and recorded wins.  It was inspiring to see it all take shape in one room.  I’ve had the privilege of working alongside these teams and seeing their progress week to week, and while they have a ton of work to do in the coming weeks, I am confident that they’ll get it done.

In honor of their work and progress, I made this “make” with Mozilla Webmaker’s Thimble tool – feel free to remix and make your own.

Cheers to the Gig –

The Gigabots Dashboard

Gigabit Cafe

Follow the teams: @TheGigabots, @p_brightspots, @aSTEAMVillage, @RS3101

Don’t miss our next Gigabit Demo Call – click here for deets.


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