Mozilla World

Last week, a group of Stanford students delivered their senior project and presentation, titled “Mozilla World” (previously introduced here).  In short, their project is part of a broader effort at Mozilla to better understand the international dynamic of Firefox usage and the user experience.  We hope to eventually share some of the details of their report, but for the interim, I thought it would be interesting to share the punch line, i.e., their recommendations:

  • Develop country specific en-XX localizations when en-US is the dominant localization (e.g., for India)
  • Create a simple, straightforward process to help Firefox users access the localization of their choice (i.e., beyond the existing drop-down list in our site’s footer)

While some of the team’s arguments were based more on guess-work than science, these recommendations are definitely thought provoking and they bring up some new questions for us to ponder.

Lastly, we want to thank Ben Dickens, Chris Emba, Kelton Lynn and Rishi Mallik for all their hard work last quarter!