Firefox Adoption Grows at Breakneck Pace

John Lilly highlighted a milestone a few months back when we reached 50 million active daily Firefox users.  Now, just more than four months later, we’ve surpassed 60 million active daily users.  Wow!

What’s perhaps most shocking is that the percentage growth of Firefox usage has continued, all the while our base number has become substantially bigger.  In other words, when Firefox had 10 million active daily users, growing at 50% per seven or eight month period meant that we had 5 million new daily users join our community.  Now, to maintain that percentage pace, we’re seeing nearly 20 million new daily users join our community over a roughly similar time period (e.g., 50% recent growth as we went from 40 million to 60 million active daily users).

This remarkable pace of adoption and community growth stands in stark contrast to some outside expectations from just a few years ago.  Here and here you’ll notice that folks were writing about a supposed decline in Firefox growth back in 2005.  Clearly, those predictions have not played out; far from it, an opposite scenario has become reality.

Thanks to our contributors, volunteers and community members around the globe… they certainly deserve the credit for Firefox’s amazing success.