The Mossberg Bump

Mozilla recently engaged in a press tour supporting the upcoming launch of Firefox 3.  Last week, we sensed that the buzz and anticipation surrounding the launch was reaching crazy heights; but from a statistical standpoint, the effects of PR efforts such as this can sometimes be difficult to quantify.  However, we recently noticed one unusual spike in our Firefox 3 download numbers:

What happened on Thursday, June 5th?

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal published a Firefox 3 review… a review largely based on Walt’s interview with Mike Schroepfer and Mike Beltzner.  You can read that review here, see a CNBC interview here, and see a picture of the hard copy here.  Schrep, Beltzner, Melissa, Nicole, and many others deserve a huge thanks for organizing the press tour, sitting in the hot seat, and producing the best piece of software ever created.