Mozilla Marketing Challenge

This September, we’re planning to launch the Mozilla Marketing Challenge (the name is subject to change), with the goals of attempting to solve a key Mozilla marketing problem, providing an additional avenue for participation in our marketing efforts, and creating a forum for shared learnings across similar hybrid organizations.

So, why a blog post today?

  • First, we want to call out a project group that we’ve created over at spreadfirefox. Some initial details are outlined there, and we’re hoping other community members become engaged as well. (an eventual, dedicated microsite is also in the works.)
  • Second, with the launch date still a ways away, we’re attempting to make a strong push to get buy-in from as many groups as possible, e.g., asking universities to spread the word among students once the school year starts up again.

Please stay tuned to the group at spreadfirefox for more discussion and details over the coming months. Thanks!