The Global Growth of Firefox

This post may only be exciting for those who enjoy spending their free time coding in a statistical program (e.g., R, Stata), but I wanted to share an output courtesy of Blake Cutler.  Taking per country browser market share data from Net Applications since the beginning of 2008, Blake simply gave a “sum” command (i.e., summarize) for both January 2008 and February 2009:


You’ll notice a few interesting trends:

  • The number of countries in the sample has increased over time.
  • The mean (or average) Firefox market share, on a per country basis, showed a very healthy increase in the past year.  The means of 20.1% and 27.7% are greater than what you see here because they are not weighted in any way (e.g., by region or internet population size).
  • Correspondingly, the standard deviation has increased as well.
  • The “max” increased from 47.2% to 63.1% (I believe that’s Indonesia).

3 responses

  1. Gen Kanai wrote on :

    Is there any way we can share per-country numbers?

  2. rodin wrote on :

    Wow, cool! 60% already!

  3. kkovash wrote on :

    Gen — yeah, we’re able to share/publish those numbers. Net Applications just asks that we cite them as a source (and include their link). Our long-term plan would be to include this data as part of a public dashboard, but until then, if you want to suggest any interesting ways for publishing this now, let me know.