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Previously, we’ve briefly touched on our long-term roadmap for optimization of Mozilla’s web sites and our users’ experience on them.  There are many facets of “optimization”, from design related decision making processes, to improved user experiences, to improved download conversion rates.  As an early step in our longer term plan, David Rolnitzky recently led an effort tackling one significant low hanging fruit – providing relevant content to visitors of the main Firefox product page based on their browser.

Prior to running this test, we saw about 400,000 daily visits to this page, about 75% of whom were on another browser (e.g., IE) and about 25% of whom were existing Firefox users.  Delivering tailored content to IE visitors and a different set of content to existing Firefox users seems intuitive, right?  Based on David’s findings, visitors to the test pages agreed.  The download conversion rate of IE visitors increased slightly, and the experience of existing Firefox users seemed to improve as well.  The ultimate impact?  An improved web site experience for upwards of two million users (new or existing) annually.

Please check out David’s post and let us know what you think.

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  1. Noah – SUMO staff wrote on :

    I tried speaking with you thru a blog comment – yes I know not the greatest place to get noticed, but I don’t have any alternatives to speaking with you especially since #metrics requires a password & you don’t have a contact email in your About section….

    Anyway, my comment:

  2. flatfoot132 wrote on :

    Why does my computer keep crashing and states firefox.exe is the promblem,I tried everything including sending errors and never receive any replies..can you help or not..

  3. cfabs wrote on :

    I allowed your ‘friends’ to install “speedup”. WHAT a mistake. It stops my computer. It locks up my computer. HOW do I get RID of this mess. I trusted your good name but I found I was deceived.