Live Tracking of Firefox 3.5 Adoption (part II)

Earlier today, we highlighted some real-time tracking by  Next up, we have another visualization engine for today’s Firefox 3.5 launch –


This was a somewhat stealth (i.e., surprise) project brought about by our very own Daniel Einspanjer (in collaboration with the folks at SQLstream).  (Thanks to the Mozilla web dev team as well.)

Similar to the real-time tracking presented at Spread Firefox last year, we set out to provide a similar visualization whereby everyone could see downloads happening in real-time – across every corner of the globe.

You’ll notice several cool things within this new visualization – a lit dot for every actual download of Fx3.5;  a “current”, “minimum”, and “maximum” per second download rate for every country (along with a trend over the past minute);  and a “total” or cumulative number of downloads since Fx3.5 was launched this morning (PDT).

In case you’re really curious, here are a couple comparable numbers from Firefox 3’s wildly successful Download Day last June… in its first 24-hours after launch, the “max” per second download rate was approx. 283 and the “average” was approx. 95.  Please keep in mind that the two product launches are not quite apples-to-apples, but these numbers are still interesting to know from simply a context perspective.

Enjoy the live, interactive map!

5 responses

  1. Michael wrote on :

    All data seems to count up, except of one country: China. This number stays at zero…

  2. Chris Ilias wrote on :

    Does this include downloads via Help–>Check for Updates?

  3. Michael wrote on :

    Today the China thing seems fixed …

  4. Julen wrote on :

    This is really nice but it would be useful to have information for each locale as well.

  5. kkovash wrote on :

    Chris — yes, the numbers at include downloads via Help->Check for Updates. we should soon have some analysis to share detailing that breakout.