Firefox Market Share – Sept 2009

September’s market share numbers are out and Firefox enjoyed a positive month.  While we’re still collecting numbers from a couple valuable sources (Gemius, Wikipedia), reports are readily available from both StatCounter and Net Applications (for a primer on the different sources, please read this previous post).

Emerging from the summer months, both reports show Firefox gaining about 1% (over the past couple months).  And looking at September specifically, Net Applications shows Firefox gaining more than 0.75%.

Net Applications:




Beyond just the past couple months, you’ll notice that overall trending also looks quite good.  Over the past year, Net Applications shows Firefox picking up more than 4 percentage points, and StatCounter shows more than 6 percentage points.

4 responses

  1. Robert McKay wrote on :

    That’s actually pretty bad… If you take a look at the past few months, you can see it’s starting to level off. I’m predicting the demise Firefox starting soon, unless it can compete with Chrome, who is starting to shine.

  2. Chris St John wrote on :

    Just though you’d like to know that I was in a one of the UK’s biggest highstreet electrical retailers (“Comet”) the other day and all their sales terminals are using Firefox.

    I see this an another example of Firefox gaining real traction in big corporations – and people tend to use at home the same applications they’re accustomed to using a work…

    Now if only I could persuage my local council that they should support something other than just Internet Explorer

  3. chris wrote on :

    It’s a good news that Firefox is being used more and more each month. By the way , have you guys tried Google Chrome browser? I admit their browser is really fast. The market share percentage is just minimal for now(less than 4 %) , but it is increasing rapidly. I love Firefox (it’s truely free from free software foundation) and hope that Firefox be the number one browser.

  4. eric herg wrote on :

    @robert mckay-

    id guess the leveling off is probably typical over the summer months as internet usage in general slows down. chrome may not have leveled off so much, but that is because it is a new browser and those first few percentage points in market share are going to be much easier to grab than later ones.

    itll be interesting to see how chrome performs next summer…