User Outreach Coming to

We’ve been spending some energy in recent months to better integrate user feedback into the Firefox user experience, including the installation experience and Firefox Support experience.  Given those insights and successes, we’re now planning to integrate user feedback into

Why is this important?

  • It provides users with an opportunity to share their praise/criticism or any other thoughts
  • It strongly complements our web analytics efforts (i.e., we’re able to answer the “why” questions in terms of user experiences)
  • It ultimately allows the Fx team, marketing team, and many other groups across Mozilla to gain valuable insights and improve the Fx user experience

To accomplish this, we’ve implemented a feedback button/form on three critical touch points at

Getting Started page


First Run page


Whatsnew page


The feedback form on each page is slightly different (looking at the “categories” and “sub-categories”), depending on a user’s expectation of that page and the typical point in a user’s experience when he/she hits that page.  As an example, below is the form you will see upon hitting the feedback button on the whatsnew/update page.  And like our previous implementations, we’re not 100% sure what feedback to expect, so we’re going to closely monitor user comments and tweak the feedback forms accordingly.

Stay tuned!


5 responses

  1. Axel Hecht wrote on :

    Ken, I take it that these are only on on en-US pages?

    I’d be interested to learn more about the connection between page and feedback dialog. Or the other way around, the example you gave isn’t obvious to me.

    Oh, and, as our en-US version is used across the globe, did you do a check that the “thumbs up” gesture means just that across the globe? Gestures have the weirdest intl issues, sadly. No idea how one would do that check, though.

  2. Ken Kovash wrote on :


    good question. this implementation is a short-term pilot. depending on the results and findings, we’ll consider rolling it out full-time and including other locales.

    for the feedback dialog, I encourage you to click to one of those pages, click the button and play with the form. If you have any feedback on the content or usability, please let us know.

    regarding the “thumbs up” image, it does rotate, so users may see other feedback associated images. I can ask Kampyle about your question. My guess is that they’ve done a significant amount of usability testing.


  3. Livio wrote on :

    The “feedback edge” slows down scrolling on Linux! Don’t place it “absolute”!

  4. gandalf wrote on :

    Why is it served from an external server and not one of mozilla?

  5. Ken Kovash wrote on :


    Kampyle is helping us with this project. They provide a valuable service, expertise, and reporting interface that we’d prefer not to build in-house. And the value this service has provided during previous initiatives has been off the charts. If you’d like me to give you a tour of the service, let me know.